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Grant us your unending peace.

with benefits to your grace as we continue our race.

Guiding us at every pace.

Shed on us the glorious light.

We ask for vision to our sight.

To make our days very bright.

And see us through every plight.

 Those were his mother’s favorite prayer. She would say them before going to the market and even on the road. She said them while mixing her favorite tasty tom and white rice. She would say them while answering her phone calls. She would say them before going to bed and when she wakes up. She would say them before stepping out. She would say them while taking her bath. Timi believes his mum says that too before she was even born. It was becoming a lifestyle to her. His mum, unlike him, was a devoted Christian. While he believes in Hard work and consistency, she believed in Prayer and the Bible which she called the word of God. She does pray and at times would try to draw him closer to God. He prefers staying closer to his books and dreams. He had at different points in time asked her questions and had never gotten replies back.

‘It seems to me that God takes delight in seeing people die.’ Tim said in one of his arguments with Mama. ‘He knows the upcoming events and still allowed Eve to be deceived and Cain to kill Abel. He even supported David in killing his enemies.’

‘Are you asking the Lord, our Maker these questions or is it me you are directing the questions at?’ Mama asked him still selecting the stones from the beans.

Not minding her questions, he continued, ‘Why did God create the Devil if he really wanted us to be happy? You won’t tell me that from the onset, God never knew the Devil will be evil. Why did he go a long way to create avenues for sins and still punish us for them? Why didn’t he put us in the Paradise at once from the beginning if he really wanted us to be happy? Why did…’

‘Timothy!’ the shock in his face was evident. Mama has never called his full name before. ‘I don’t know what Olympic has told you but please, have respect for the Lord our God. If you follow me to church, I am sure you will get all your answers there.’ She said calmly. ‘And please stop talking to Olympic until we have enough money to give him to allow you to run.’

But on this day, it was different. The air around him smelt different. Mama was now gone with no one to replace her in his life for now. Maybe forever. Maybe the plates could replace her in the talking-and-listening responsibility. Maybe not so sure after all.

He woke up from the bed feeling enfeeble.

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