The guilty conscience

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In our dealings with people around us,it's either we feel guilty when we hurt someone or they feel guilty when they hurt us;it's the act of being sorry for a wrong action or decision,we can also become guilty if our actions affects someone negatively.

Do you know we can he guilty for a right action? Take for an instance a rich man who committed an offence to a poor man;when the case is been drag to court with dimensions of judgement,using influence there is every probability that the poor man will be find guilty.

We can be guilty for doing good or doing bad;let's examine this two scenerio:


Like the examples I just sighted above alot of people are found guilty for doing what is right and good for the society, especially when you try to raise perfect standard in a bribery field and corrupt nation;yes people are handcurved today because they stand for honesty such people feel guilty at the end even though they are right.


These type of guilty are like software in build in the human system;that whenever you go wrong or you treat others badly there's every tendency that you will feel guilty.Its natural to feel guilty if you do wrong but in our society today people feel good for doing what is wrong ;They become proud and happy doing what they desire the most living those around them in anguish.


1.First of all identify the two major perspective of being guilty.

2.Know the category you fits in;are you a type that feel guilty always even when you right?

3.configure your mindset to the society norms,are you doing what is right or wrong?.

4.lf you are doing what is right then make up your mind and stop feeling guilty for nature is dynamic.

With a technical research most people who hurts you will device a means of making you to feel guilty;you may be hurt and waiting for someone to tender apology but the same person will remind you of one mistake you did,this will make you feel that you are very wrong at that moment having guilty filled conscience.



Lots of people are going through depression due to guilty conscience,the moment they feel guilty different thoughts comes into their mind;when you feel depressed you become inactive and develop low self esteem.


From the moment you you feel guilty you will gradually loose confidence in yourself,the boldness will reduce,you loose your strength except forgiveness stretch it's hand towards you.


You will begin to trust yourself less,it seems you are enclosed by this act of feeling guilty.

A guilty conscience will make you think that you are always wrong,even feeling to wrong to relate with other people.


It all started in an extended family,Timothy was the last born of the second wife;he likes playing alot and so was too emotional,his play mate calls him "Timo".His mother was so happy having a male child as her last born,she pampered him to the extend Timothy cries for everything he wants.

Prof.Mustapha who is the head of the family takes notes of the love and emotions between Timothy and his mother so he won't cross the boundary,the father will always get jealous seeing him and his mother playing as though he was still a small child.

It was early in the morning when Timothy work up to her mum and said mum "this house is not convenient for me anymore,I need to go somewhere else"the mother never consider this possible since she won't like to stay away from her.but as time goes on Timothy convince his mother " mummy my teacher told me that traveling is part of education let me travel"

The mother said don't worry I will take you to one if your aunty in the next market day;with great joy in his heart he started preparing for the journey;on reaching there the anty is too old to work and do her shore by herself,he felt a little bit depressed,"how will I cope with this aunty?".

Are you worried about the domestic work young boy?never mind faustina is more than the task said the aunty.He find it very hard to cope because it was a new environment,the only person he played with is faustina, using most if the time to sleep.


The aunty keep dogs as pet,but there this particular one that she love the most,she named the dog bingo;bingo will not go outside searching for food or hunting,all that bigo need were always available,bingo almost behave like human being due to the familiarity.

Faustina was a brave girl,who go hunting with the dogs,one day she came early from hunting and decides to use the remaining day to repair and prepare the gun for tommorow hunting; Timothy was very eager to know how to use the gun;at first faustina refused teaching him,he start crying and our emotions Faustina thought him how to handle the gun, shutting and replacement of bullet, Timothy was happy throughout that day.

One hot afternoon when there's was no trace anyone, Timothy decides to test his shutting skills,he stole two bullets from faustina bag while she was not around.When she came back she was surprised seeing him trying something that's risky,intead of seizing the gun she joined him in fixing it not knowing what was on Timothy mind.


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