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Nameless2022/08/24 18:56

This is my personal experience

My name is Esha, I belong to Pashtun family. I graduated from Women's Government Degree College in Psychology and History from Peshawar road, Rawalpindi.

I am also a tutoring teacher. Furthermore, I want to become a psychiatrist I have learned a lot from psychology and I think this subject should be compulsory because psychology plays a very important role in our lives. The subject of psychology is important because if a child becomes a teacher then he must know the psychological facts of children, if a man wants to continue and become a doctor then he must know the related psychological facts of a patient. It is necessary if one wants to move on and become a businessman etc. The biggest advantage of psychology is that I am a teaching teacher, and I am very good with children. I know what to teach a child, what to read. I also learned all this from studying psychology, because he should also know the Psychology Fact School. Psychology plays a very important role in raising children.

As it is the dream of every human being to have a good degree, having a high scope. I want to study in the USA because the scope of American degree is very high in Pakistan. I know that an expert psychiatrist has also come to Pakistan so that people can be treated well and better. Likewise, I want to serve people by becoming a psychiatrist.


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