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Apple Park By MacRumors Staff on August 22, 2022 Apple Park is Apple's second campus in Cupertino, California. It is often referred to as the "spaceship" campus due to its unique ring-shaped design. Encompassing 2.8 million square feet and spanning 176 acres, construction on the campus started in 2013 and work was largely completed by the end of 2017. The entire front of the main building features iconic curved glass windows, letting employees look out at the rest of the campus, which will be covered in greenery and an orchard. Along with the primary building that can house 13,000 employees, there's an underground auditorium for hosting events, a fitness center, a cafe, and a visitor's center complete with an Apple Store for customers to visit. Underground parking is available, and the Apple Park was designed by late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in partnership with Norman Foster.



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