Don't doubt yourself

Onyedikachi Onwe2022/08/23 01:00

“Rejection hurts until you find yourself in a much better place”.

If any rejection in life is making you feel like a loser, there is a reason not to see it as your defeat. Rejection hurts and could make you feel worthless, but once you move on and find yourself doing much better in life or with someone who cares for you, you will never see the past rejection the same way.

Whether you have been rejected for a job, failed an exam, or someone you loved has called it a quit, it is not easy to accept. We question our abilities and feel we must be at fault for everything that happened to us.

Don't doubt yourself or feel any less if you have given your best. If the other person cannot see your worth, it is better to move on until you reach a place or meet a person who never wants to let go of you.


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