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… Do you know that Ladies rape men also, maybe if we would stop being stereotype, the ladies would be caught, just maybe..

It happened at night, I could hear my steps, I hated silent, I hated when everywhere felt numb, the numbness and quietness made my dad die of cancer when I was just four.

I got hit, with a slap, I tried to fight back but they were too powerful, I thought they were thieves at first, but they were beautiful ladies with beautiful curves, I couldn’t see them well, but the shadows drew out their curves for me to see. I tried kicking again, but they just held me down.

She muttered something about fine boy, they injected me, using their palm to cover my mouth, at that moment I believed ladies were not weaker vessels, men and boys were the weaker vessels, just a kick you get too cloud nine.


My mom collected the drug from the pharmacist who only seemed like someone who had a shop and sold drugs.

We thought it was just a toilet infection with the painful irritation, I was too scared to tell my mom I was raped by ‘holy sisters’. I was too scared to tell my mom they were some fluid coming out from my testis, they were greenish, I couldn’t tell my friends. I couldn’t tell anyone I would constantly run to the toilets during lessons to just itch my anus and wake up multiple times at night in our tight room to sneak outside to just urinate, I got scared, at a time my mom thought I became a bad boy, those twelve days were the worst.


I had to go to a friend that the dad worked at an hospital, I snicked out of school that day I couldn’t hold the pain I felt when I urinated. I remember someone calling me ‘mad boy’, I just had to itch my anus on the street, I couldn’t wait to get to my mom’s little shop.


He smiled at me, it wasn’t easy to get in but with too much of tears they let me in without an adult.

“I need your mom, dear” the female doctor said smiling.


That was how I got to know I got slapped by THE CLAP (gonorrhea), my mom shouted her village people, she said her MFM prayers seemed not to work, until I opened up to her that I got raped my those aunties. Those were my worst days, I thought I would never be a thing. She loosed her wrapper, she rolled on the tiled floor, the doctor tried to beg us, I was suppose to be the father of the family.

When she couldn’t beg anymore, she played a clip for us turning her laptop around to face us.

The Clip

“Hi, I’m Anna, once a gonorrhea patient, if you have gonorrhea it isn’t the end of the world, it is simply a time that shows how strong you are

The symptoms gotten are;

1. Painful urination, which is very frequent

2. Itchy Anus (it is so annoying, sometimes I felt like poking it out)

3. Then there is this weird discharge (which could be greenish, yellowish, white, beige)

4. Discoloration and swelling at the penis

5. Rectal bleeding or disclose

6. Sharp pain in the lower abdomen

Not every syptom you kind of face, like for me I was an asymptomatic carrier, I didn’t know I passed it to my boyfriend, who found out and committed suicide, because he couldn’t face his Christian parents.

I was so scared because gonorrhea affects the fallopian tube and sometimes causes infertility, but now I have a little girl of my own. But my periods were always heavy, sometimes I thought I had a tank of blood inside me.

I’m Anna again and having STI isn’t the end, it’s a phase and you would pass through it, just as I did.


I was given a one-time intramuscular injection at my buttocks, mehn it was so painful, it contained an antibiotic ceftriaxone.

They administered drugs to me, I took it daily (doxycycline).

Incase you wanted to know, I’m fine, I’m better though I never sighted the ‘holy sisters’ that raped me, but I have a family, I run a campaign on “Guys are also raped” and I create awareness on Gonorrhea.

I hope you enjoyed my story, if you suspect anything run fast, age is not a barrier to having STI, I was sixteen then.


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