75th Anniversary of Indian Independence or Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav

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Required changes in Democracy

75th Anniversary of Indian Independence or Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav

India celebrated 75 years of Independence on August 15, 2022. We are the largest Democracy on this world with a vibrant economy. We are known in this world for our reach cultural heritage and our contribution towards the world of peace. We have our unique value system with the concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. There is no doubt that the democratic set up in our country is as per Constitution of India written by B. R. Ambedkar.

In last few years, we can see lots of noise towards our democratic set up. Lots of question has been raised by opposition regarding the behavior of ruling party and vice versa. Every time we are looking to Supreme court of India for justice (which has already lots of pending cases).Most of the cases are due to wrong interpretation law, Role of speaker, Deputy Speaker and Governor. There is a common perception in the mind of opposition, that neither Governor nor speaker or deputy speaker is neutral. Which is impacting our democratic set up of our county. We can see lots of disruption in the parliament as well as assembly. We can see frequent suspension of MLA and MP’s during the session by speaker. Most unfortunate things is disrespect has been shown towards the President of India as well. The Language getting used in the floor of Parliament and floor of assembly are also not of high standards. Here Opposition is blaming ruling party and ruling party to opposition for the situation of country as well as other problem our country is facing now a days. No one trying to solve the issue and to get the democratic set up back. Every time we are looking for the court to intervene.

Here is some of my views, which may create a conducive atmosphere for the democratic set up of our great nation.       

·       Let’s nominate the speaker of Lok Sabha as well as Assembly from main opposition party and deputy from ruling party and there should not be any Election at all for this.

·       Let the president from main opposition party and Vice president from second largest opposition party without having any election.

·       Governor and lieutenant governor should be chosen from the eminent person of country having depth knowledge of constitution and having good administrative exposure not from Political party

By doing so, the democratic set up will be more vibrant and strong, and it will create equality among all. It will create some sorts of comfort in the opposition that there is someone among themselves to heard there voice. There should be a judicial council set up dedicatedly to monitor the Activity of speaker, Deputy Speaker and Governor as on when required.

It seems to be difficult task as it’s the ruling party has to take the initiative as constitutional amendment required for these changes. In democracy the onus should be more on the ruling party to make the democracy more vibrant by taking the opposition in to confidence.

Pravas Chandra Sahu



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