You show what you reap

Evolve spirit2022/08/22 11:42

Expression of Self, not this mind of mine, or this physical body, nor the thoughts i think, or the emotions i feel. But the Self, that i am, outside of a concept or words to comprehend. I feel like this was also a message for me, from me, which i could learn alot from. And i thought maybe others could relate to my Art.

You show what you reap

They enslave nations then give them places the names of the invaders

So in the following generation when folks unaware of this then they proud of where they from then praise the place they stay in

I don't like saying such stuff coz it makes people afraid in stead of encouraged with bravery

The point is not to be right but to enjoy and live life

With any destitute current enduring circumstances where you reside

Tryna be focused so I can clearly see

You sow what you reap

And i use music to show what i read

I know not to only believe What I see

And not to be easily fooled by what i think

Thouroughly think through what i feel

Experiment with it before deciding it's true or real

Then I use math without numbers to calculate all these wonders while finding the meaning of being

Combined with a purpose for breathing

When you a teen these things tend to suffocate you when overthinking

That's why I medicate and meditate instead of drinking

Coz spirits will only multiply my demons

And i know you prolly won't listen but if you don't learn the lesson then consequences is the one who's gonne be speaking to you

And i know I'm just seeming like a demon to you

I am the reflection you often neglect in essence the inner you

These are just trivial verbal visuals

A minimal of what I did for you

Some times it feels my shoes getting big for you

Huh, but you always surprise me

And sorry if i treat you like you're like me

But I'm fed up of speaking so nicely

All this time i did it so you would like me

But you treat my messages like toilet paper which you wipe with

So when I give you a slap of life, don't mind me

You don't have to make sense of all these divine things

As long as you use the gifts i give you, to write and read

To fight and speak and lead righteously

Coz if you don't, you'll know, how lightning feels

I love the Mess I is, I mean the Mess I Are

These are just messages, i spread by far

I am Desmond, thy Man of God

I'm just One, out of thousand billion stars

If anything happens to I there will be more

The thing bout this life that makes it odd

And fun simultaneously is the flaws

Inside us all, it's the most convincing

It's one of the reasons I know man made God

That is how i know who We Are

Before we could talk

Before words had any worth before inhaling, kush was wrong.

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