Just Another Human Episode: The Unspoken Attraction

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Sometimes communication can feel limiting and in those cases, we'll want the other person to be able to read our thoughts. It will interest you to note that an interesting chemical exists; to do the heavy lifting instead...

Just Another Human Episode: The Unspoken Attraction

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Now I bet you've heard of this term I'm about to share. It is none other than vabbing. So, what is vabbing?

It is when a woman digs her hand into her vagina and rubs the fluid behind her ears and wrists, to attract a certain behaviour from another human being.

That does sound painfully graphic, doesn't it?

Let me rewrite that definition as per how I think vabbing is actually done.

The vabber sticks in as many fingers as is necessary into the vaginal opening, and coming out with vaginal fluids, smears it onto specific areas; behind the ears and the wrists.

While the definition has been toned down, it still retains the purpose of this act: to attract.

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You can liken this to animal instinct, but in this case, humans. When animals are in heat, they do not need to communicate (in the ways they do), to know what should happen, and act on it.

But we are an evolved species, so why are we even vabbing? Since we can be vocal about our interests to the people in whom these interests lie.

The answer is in the scientific backing that vaginal fluids contain pheromones. A chemical responsible for a number of emotional and physical responses. It is proven in animals that this chemical stirs sexual behaviours between them.

Sounds much like when you meet someone for the first time and encounter emotional and sexual charges with, doesn't it?

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The night is cool, food is tasty, candle light bringing warmth, romance is in the air, and your date is making you feel, things. And after dinner, desert is served privately. Those are pheromones at work, released naturally in sweat and saliva.

Topical pheromones (done by vabbing) act as the trigger for that instinct to kick in. Which draws the other person's attention; heightening compatibility between the parties.

It's not all rosy with pheromones because they also support the instant repulsion one feels towards another. In this way, you get to know your compatibility levels with the other person(s).

Does it work? While the study of pheromones in humans is in its early stage, people trying it are turning up with testimonies that it does.

Are vabbers the only ones utilising this chemical? Since some fragrance companies capture and bottle this chemical, with promises of sexual confidence. Initio is one of such companies as they plan to bottle pheromones into perfumes.

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Begs the question: is it healthy though? A number of doctors on social media are speaking against this trend and labelling it a risk, but people are going to be people, and will take these risks. Like @drpenking on twitter who called the act "dangerous and useless".

As far as TikTok user @jewlieah shared, these risk factors line more with hygiene. It is not rocket science that if you want to touch vulnerable parts of the body, especially openings like the vagina in this case, hygiene will be most worthy to note.

What are some of those tips she shared?

- Wash your hands

- No vabbing while on your period. (You most definitely will be walking around with a different smell)

- Do not vab if you are experiencing an infection of sorts.

- The areas of application; back of ears and wrists, must not be rubbed on anything or anyone. (Lest it loses effect)

Like I said, common sense tips.

However, should women vab? This is totally up to the woman to decide. On one side you have the vabbing advocates who testify that it's worked for them and continues to work for them. And on the other end, you have the disgusted ones. Each group with their individual opinions.

One of my friends, who hadn't heard of vabbing until reading this article, said she tried it. The results? She said again, and I quote, "he couldn't hold back."

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On my part, I could try it for the one-timeliness and curiosity of the subject. Yet I cannot decide whether it disgusts me or not. Even though vabbing did surprise me, the feeling didn't last.

The nature of the internet makes it a global village comprising of good, bad, and ugly content. So whether or not we like it, all sorts of things invade and contribute to our screen time. Plus, nothing is really new on this earth. Social media just reignites the fire that's already there.

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Much like the trend that revealed people having sex with dogs. If you have explored certain sites, in a certain way, that trend would have come with much less surprise.

Doesn't take away the scar and gore, if at all intended. But things are, as they are.

This brings us to the end of this topic and I bet my inexistent savings that you enjoyed this read. And there will be more.

For now though, I bid you a warm mata ne.🤙🏾

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