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Fantasy In The Summer

Section 8 - Fantasy In The Summer

Uri Okhai2022/08/21 01:23

Chapter 7

   "I'll explain later, Miss, you have to go in now", Butler ordered.
   "No, I can't just sit and do nothing, I'm one of you now", I urged.
   "Let her, Butler", Uri came in from behind us. "We are all in this together".
   "As you say, Uri", Butler turned to me. "We discovered a movement from within the manor". He pointed at two dots on the general screen.
   "I ran a quick scan and I saw this", he manipulated the electronic tablet on his hand, and the image on the general screen changed. At first, they were all huge pixels, then they began to rearrange one by one to form the image of something which looked like a robot.
   "Quanbots", Uri said under his breath.
   "Cyborgs?" I asked.
   "Quanbots", he repeated. "They were invented by my grandfather, they were made from Quantum, which gives them the ability to become extremely tiny".
   "Yeah, that's great".
   He seemed to read my thought, "they can become smaller than atoms".
   "OMG!" I have always imagined how tiny atoms are, hearing the fact that there are robots which can become even smaller than atoms made my eyes twirl. "How do we stop them?"
   "You can't stop a Quanbot from accomplishing it's assigned task", Butler said with his eyes fixed on the screen.
   "Then what do we do?" I did my best to hide fear from my voice.
   "Now is the time to do what only Uri can do", Butler said with a lopsided smile.
   "What's that?" I asked.
   "We win them", Uri said gently.
   "How do you do that?" I seemed to be asking questions, faster than thinking about them.
   "My grandfather made only two Quanbots before he died,the Quanbots were brought alive by his DNA. No one has ever been successful on dissceting the bots, neither has anyone ever made something like it. Only I, can do that".
   "What makes them so special?"
   "They can only recognise Uri and his descendants DNA. They can reproduce. They can depict human thoughts. At their weakest state, they can be as fast as light. They have ultra sound detecting and ultra sounding. They recharge from the atmosphere. If I should go on with this, it'll take time".
   "Humph!" I had a hard time believing what he just said. "So if it's only your DNA that controls them, why are these ones against us?"
   "My grandfather, his body was buried in Earth: beneath Chinatown. Elvis followed the body to Earth and stole an amount of his blood.
   I gasped, "that's why it said in the book... he discovered the hidden secret of Uri..."
   Uri looked at me, bewildered. "How many times have you read that book?"
   "More than a hundred times. Mommy always read it to me anytime she was bored".
   "Jeez!" Uri exclaimed. "Your mum is pretty cool!"
   "Yeah", I didn't want to push further about mommy. I looked at the screen again, this time, the Quanbots  no longer moved on the ground; they were In the air. In the shape of a fighter jet.
   "So they're like... transformers?" I asked.
   "No, that's their ability to shape-shift", Uri said, but when he sawvthe confused look on my face, he simplified his words. "They can transform into anything at will".
   "It's time, Uri... let them hear your voice", Butler said and handed the mic I saw him using to Uri.
   "You're right, but I need a voice DNA transmitter, and I want all sound systems online", Uri ordered and activated an invisible barricade in front of the house.
   I just stood behind them and watched how they skillfully handled the devices. Uri spoke to a metallic cube, instantly, the Quanbots stopped moving, then they descended slowly and transformed back into their normal form.
   "I need to meet with them, Butler", Uri said like he had witnessed this kind of situation countless of times.
   I felt uneasy, seeing him walk out of the house to confront the bots one on one. I watched his every move and constantly spoke into his ear connection anytime I noticed sudden movements around him.
   Finally, he came back in with the Quanbots. It was a surprise to see that, despite all their superpowers, they were still the same size with burning.
   "Forgive us, humans, we were possessed", despite all their Quantum mechanics, they still had the voice of a human.
   "It will be my pleasure to protect you all from harm", this one had a male voice.
   "Shut up, Bee", the female ordered. "Apologies first".
   "I know, that's a part of my apology", the male beamed at the female.
   "Apologies are already accepted, Wasp", Uri said as he took one last scan round the manor. "Quanbots, these are my..." he seemed to forget the next word to say.
   "... alliance", he said without looking at anyone.
   "My name is Wasp", said the female. "This is Bee", she gestured towards the other one.
"We are the only survivals of our kind, and we are willing to help you at all cost", on saying this, she bowed her head in respect.
   "Now that Elvis is dead_ murdered by his own daughter, all we want to do is to go back in time... to our home", Bee said with emotions in his tone. "Lilian   lied to us, but now that we have discovered that a descendant of Uri lives, we will fulfill Uri's legacy".
   Uri seemed to be shocked on hearing this. "What's my grandfather's legacy?"
   "Your grandfather, before he died, he created a time machine and went to the year 2012. He saw all that happened, and all that would happen, but he didn't tell it to anyone and he made us not to be able to time travel. The last thing he did was to seal his legacy and put it in our hands before he asphyxiation himself.  His legacy was to protect his hast descendant till the last breath", Bee explained with a visual hologram depicting their past.
   Uri's face turned pale. Butler put a comforting hand on his shoulder. I saw something flash in his eyes, but I couldn't tell what it was. He sighed, then looked up at the Quanbots.
   "Meet Tesher Willington,  from Earth, the year 2022", he gestured towards me.