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If you are not hungry enough towards your life goals, you won't be able to achieve none. It is those who will not take no for an answer are those who are successful in their endeavors.

Everyman has a quest set before them, but have seen people with great goals, ideas, vision that blown us away but at the end no any great achievement. What truly separated the successful or goal achievers from the rest?.

Umm!!! Let me take us back to the great book(Bible) not as if am being sarcastic about this. From the book of Judges chapter seven, there was a great event that took place that can never be forgotten. It was a war that broke out against Israel and Gideon, Gideon was a captain of Israel soldier, he gathered about thirty two thousand men in preparation for the upcoming battle or quest set before them. But the baffling things is this, almost twenty two thousand soldiers went back home, WHAT!!!

This was a disdainful thing, they went back home as a result of result, comfort zone and more; I believed if you were one of the soldiers you will be shivering by now😁😁😁.

It got to another level of screening, left with just ten thousand soldiers , judges chapter Seven verse four( And The lord said unto , the people are yet too. Many; bring them down unto The water, and I will try them there)!!! Ummm!!!

Without Guessing, Left with three hundred people that passed the test who were hungry enough to go to the battle.

What am I trying to figure out, is that majority of us had made convincing resolutions at one stage of our lives but never achieve any. As a result of fear of unknown, complacency, procrastination, indiscipline, non-challant attitude.

Today it's a clarion Call to self examination and awakening to Start all over, and be committed to it. Your success depends on it.

Every crisis as not come to destroy you but to bring the very best out of you.

Thanks for reading


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