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Mr. Vallance and his wife, Beatrice, lived happily together in the town of Kasasa. They had four children; Anna, Aaron, Agnes and Amon respectively. Mr. Vallance was not as rich as most farmers in his town were but with his small income, he managed to provide for his family all the needs.

Anna was sixteen and was almost finishing high school. Aaron was thirteen years, he as in form two. Agnes was still in her primary life; primary five. Amon, the youngest of all had finished nursery school and was going to join primary school.

Agnes usually liked reading tales of long ago and listening to stories of ancient kingdoms. She usually imagined herself, a princess. She strongly believed that dreams come true. An imagination of her father as a king and mother as a queen whereas her sister, a princess and brothers, princes usually brought to her deep joy.

Whenever she told her family about her dreams and imaginations, they would just laughed at her and always commented that she was just a young princess in her family but not in an entire kingdom. These comments made her feel lonely and discouraged. She never considered the fact that her father was just a farmer, not even a minister. She usually cried alone in the night.

Agnes had failed to get sleep one night when she started walking alone in the partially dark house which was half brightened by the moonlight. She reached the sitting room and looked at the clock on the wall. It was 1:00AM. She looked through the window and stared at the bright moon and stars that made the sky so sparkling. She put a wide smile on her face and wondered if all nights were like this one.

She stared for some time until she saw a winged human being, dressed in a white robe, fly around the moon. Was it an angel sent from the heaven? Agnes at once exclaimed, “Look here; do not leave me, please come for me.” He at once looked at her and immediately flew down and came to meet her. He said no word when he reached her but just carried her away, and up they went.

They flew over the moon and landed on a very beautiful country. Agnes wondered why it was daylight here while it was midnight in Kasasa. She could not wait talking to the angel.

“Are you an angel?” Agnes inquired. “No, I am a messenger from my king, Laurent. I have been sent to the earth to pick a family of two parents and four children.”

“Our kingdom has been facing a lot of disasters. Our land has become barren, we no longer receive rain and worst of that, our king died,” he added. “Do you have any hope of being rescued from this terrible situation?” she asked affectionately.

“Yes, we have the hope but it is very low. First of all, we are being ruled by very heartless and dangerous creatures from the West. The old prophesies say that the great kingdom will fall because of its enemies but behold, the six human beings, for they will save it” he said.

“Is that the reason to why you went out to search the family you have spoken of earlier?” Agnes inquired as well. “Yes, it is but you know that there are many families on earth which are composed of six members, and this makes them uneasy to get,” he added.

The two kept quiet for a moment. Agnes went deep into her thoughts and wondered about the kind of trouble these people were facing. They walked further and no one dared to say anything. Agnes broke the silence by asking, “Does this king from the West know about the family?”

”Yes he does, he has always sent out his messengers to go and destroy the whole family because they are the only ones who will let them down. Once they are killed, then we have no hope left,” he said. “He says that whoever sees any human being roaming on this land should be taken to him or else whoever shelters him or her will be killed,” he added.

Agnes began feeling so worried and uncomfortable. “Do not get worried, I will lead you back home,” he said. He took Agnes back to her home and before he left, he inquired what her name was, and told him that his name was Alexander.

Reaching home, she wondered much about Alexander and the kingdom in which she had been.

Alexander had looked so scared when Agnes uttered out her name. He strongly told her that she should protect her family and should not unnecessarily welcome any strangers.

The following morning, Agnes narrated to them what happened to her the previous night but none believed her. They just made fun of her and told her that she had maybe just dreamt of it. Agnes was sure of what she was saying. She knew that she had met a winged human being and she had gone to the kingdom beyond the moon. The mockery was so annoying that she moved away and went to her room. She cried alone that night and she wished her parents would at least believe her.

That night, she looked through the window if the winged human being she met previously would come back. She waited for a long time but no one was seen. The sky was becoming so dark because it was going to rain. She moved away and went to sleep.

Aaron who had lost sleep also that night, walked to the sitting room. He got a glass of juice and sat in one of the chairs. He stayed there for sometime as he stared through the open window that Agnes had forgotten to close. He saw a huge face of an unusual creature through the window. He could not believe it at first, and so moved nearer to have a closer look. It was a giant human being with legs, hands and tail of a horse.

“Oh my God!” Aaron exclaimed as fear gripped him. “Shhhh…keep quiet,” the giant said. “Do not say anything or else I will beat you up,” the giant added in form of a warning. Aaron now terrified obeyed. He held onto it and off they went away from the earth and beyond the moon as it flapped its wings to the land where Agnes had gone. Everything appeared then as what Agnes had narrated to him and it was daylight while in Kasasa, it was night.

It flew till they landed in front of a very big castle. They were received by some creatures which were smaller but similar to the giant. Aaron was so scared of the kind of people that received them. They went aside and whispered to themselves as Aaron looked at them queerly.

Aaron was later taken inside the castle. There he met a human being for the first time since he had entered into this country. He was dressed in a very noble way with a crown on his head. He sat very comfortably on his throne. Aaron had thought that he was a real human being, but when he looked at him, he become more terrified.

He had a very big green head with a tongue like that of a snake. His eyes were blood red and his teeth were like those of a vampire. He had very sharp claws on his fingers and his whole body was hairy. Aaron swallowed a very bitter pill and stood still without moving any of his body parts.

“We have managed to get only the boy,” one of them said. “Bring him nearer,” the king ordered. Aaron was brought near to him. He was shaking terribly because of fear. “Have a seat, hear, near me,” he requested Aaron in a smoothen voice. Aaron obeyed and sat down.

“My name is King Mathias, what is yours?” he asked Aaron. “Aaron Cleins,” he answered simply. “Oh, Aaron, welcome to the kingdom of Apreinda,” he supplemented. Aaron stayed quiet and said no word because of the fear he felt.

“Where do you come from,” Mathias inquired. “I come from Kasasa,” Aaron answered. “Do you have any family members left at home?” Mathias inquired as well. “Yes, I do. I have my two parents, two sisters and one brother,” Aaron answered. Aaron was feeling so afraid and wondered why Mathias was asking so many questions. Mathias just wanted to know where his family was and at once find a way to destroy it.

Now sounding friendly, Mathias told Aaron, Has any of your family members been here?” “Yes, only my sister, she told us that she was brought here by an Angel called Alexander,” he answered. “Did she tell you only that? Didn’t Alexander tell her anything else?” Mathias inquired. Aaron first thought of how wicked Mathias was. He thought that it would be wiser to tell him nothing because he may set wicked plans against Alexander or his family.

“No, Alexander did not tell her anything in exception of his name,” he said. Mathias felt a relief and said, “Thank goodness, because he told her nothing about us.” Aaron had lied to Mathias about the fact that Alexander had already informed Agnes about their wicked ways.

“Would you like anything to eat or drink?” Mathias inquired in a very different tone which was meant to change the topic. “No, I have come from home when I am satisfied,” Aaron answered. “Would you like to walk around the castle or have a ride?” “No sir, thank you but I wouldn’t like to have any of your favors.” “So what would you like?” “I want to go back home, to my family.”

“Okay then. Make sure you bring them to Apreinda tomorrow at this hour. I will send one of my messengers to pick you. Come with all your family members,” Mathias said. “Okay sir, I will,” Aaron answered in a disbelief tone. “Bruno, come and take the boy back to his home,” Mathias ordered the giant that had brought Aaron.

When Aaron reached home, it was still night. He quietly went to bed and waited for the morning. He told his family everything that had happened in Apreinda and about the wicked king. He told them that he wanted to meet them the following night. They could now believe what Agnes had told them the previous day and they apologized for having not believed her.


The family prepared for an escape that night and ran away from home so that when King Mathias’ wicked messenger came, he would not find them there. They went further to the town that neighbored Kasasa to spend there the night. No one could get sleep because of the fear that they had. Everyone was looking up in the sky to see what would come out.

“Alexander!” Agnes shouted out. Everyone came to see what was going on. Alexander had come to their rescue. Everyone in exception of Agnes was so surprised to see him. He put on a very white robe which brightened up the whole place as if he was an angel. Agnes ran towards him and hugged him tightly.

“I knew that you would come,” Agnes said. “They are your family members, aren’t they?” he inquired. “Yes they are,” she answered. They all introduced themselves to him but he already knew their names according to the old prophesy.

“You all have come to come with me to Apreinda before Mathias sends his wicked messengers to come and kill all of you,” Alexander said. At that moment, five other angels that looked like him came down from above. They all, each holding onto one of them flew away from the earth and beyond the moon to the land of Apreinda.

They landed on the area which was covered with snow and ice ……………. “Welcome to the land of Apreinda. This is your kingdom,” he said to them. “What do you mean by this being our kingdom” Mr. Vallance asked. “You are our only hope right now. You are the only ones who can save our kingdom from this disaster and horrible rulers,” he replied.

Mr. Vallance still looked unsatisfied the answer Alexander had given him. “I know that this is very hard for you to understand but you have to believe me,” he added.

“Yes dad. He means what he is saying. We have to believe him,” Agnes said. Mr. Vallance first thought about it for a bit and replied; “Okay, I now believe what you are saying but what are we supposed to do? I mean that we don’t know anything about politics or anything of the sort,” Vallance said.

“The prophecies state that you are the six human beings who are to save Apreinda. I don’t know how you are going to do it but you have to do it,” Alexander replied.

“Mom, I am freezing. It is too cold here,” Amon cried out. “Don’t worry Amon, I will get you a coat,” Alexander said.

“Everything here is mysterious and I still don’t understand what is going on. Now tell me, where are you going to get coats? My kids are all freezing and all I see is snow and ice,” Beatrice argued.

“Trust me Madam,” Alexander said. He removed snow from where he was standing and there was a tunnel with a ladder. They followed him down with the ladder. They followed him down the tunnel and they were surprised to find a house down.

“Wow, it is beautiful in here,” Aaron said. It is like a house. Who would imagine that there is a house down here,” Agnes wondered. “There is everything that you need inside here. There is food, clothes, beds and water,” Alexander said.

“We have got very limited time before Mathias finds us, you should take every necessity and make sure that you are well equipped, he said to them in addition. “What do you say that we should be well equipped? Are we going for war?” Agnes inquired. “We don’t even have fighting skills, how are we going to win those monsters?” Aaron asked in a grip of fear.

“Those monsters have no power over you, so don’t worry. You follow me and I will show you something,” Alexander said as he led them into a room.

There were a lot of swords, spears, shields and lots of weapons. There were two separate swords. “Those two separate swords are for Vallance and Aaron. They carry a lot of power and they will empower you once you take hold of them,” he said to them. He removed them and handed them to Aaron and Vallance.

“For the ladies, Beatrice, Anna and Agnes, you will have special weapons. Beatrice will have this dagger; it contains poison that kills immediately once injected in the body. Anna will have this potion, once you drink it; you will teleport to any place you desire. Agnes will have the bow and arrows of fire, once you shoot someone, he will immediately catch fire and turn into ashes,” he said.

“What about me, won’t I go for war?” Amon inquired. “You are too young to go for war and hence you will remain behind. You will stay back and wait for us,” Alexander replied.

Amon felt a grip of anger and broke into a cry. “Why do I have to be the one segregated? Just because I am young then I shouldn’t go for war,” he said. “Don’t get mad Amon, I was just joking. You have this potion, it heals any kind of wound or disease with immediate effect,” Alexander told Amon.

Amon felt a lot of joy as he received the bottle. “I guess all of you are well equipped. You should move with your weapons and use them when necessary,” he told them.

“Wait a minute, are you trying to say that we are the only ones going for the way? How are we going to fight when we have no army?” Vallance inquired.

“Don’t worry about the army. Everyone in Apreinda is ready for the war. All we have to do is gather the troops and attack the palace,” Alexander replied.

“How are we going to gather the troops? Are we going to inform everyone before Mathias sends his troops to conquer each and every place?” Agnes inquired. “Yes, we might do that before we run out of time” Alexander replied. “I suppose that he already knows about your whereabouts. Bruno must have tracked you since he couldn’t find you at your place. You should hurry before he comes here,” he added.

“Who is Bruno? Agnes inquired. “Bruno is the monster who brought me here the other night,” Aaron replied. “What did he tell you? Did he do anything to you?” Alexander asked. “He just took me to Mathias’ place and brought me back home,” Aaron replied. “What did Mathias do to you?” Alexander inquired in fear.

“He asked me my name, where was from and about my family members,” Aaron replied. “Is that all, did he ask you anything else?” “He also asked me whether any of my family members had ever been to here,” “Then what did you reply him?” Alexander asked. “I told him that my sister Agnes had been here. Nothing else,” he replied.

“Thank goodness that he did not hypnotize you,” Alexander said and sighed in relief. “What do you mean Alexander? Does Mathias hypnotize?” Agnes inquired. “Yes, he does hypnotize with his eyes. That is how he has managed to take control of Apreinda that easily,” Alexander replied.

“If he can hypnotize with his eyes, then why didn’t he hypnotize Aaron?” Agnes inquired. “I also don’t know why he didn’t do it because he could if he wanted,” Alexander replied. “How did he get the power of hypnosis? Was he born with it or its some special magic? Mr. Vallance inquired. “That is not the thing; he just stole the magic book from the imperial palace and took the control of it. That is how he managed to get all the magic powers he has,” Alexander replied.

“Does that mean that we can’t destroy him as long as he has control of the magic book? Then what are we going to do if he still has it?” Agnes asked Alexander. “That is why I said that we are going to attack the palace first so as to acquire the magic book. After that, Matthias will be having no powers and he will be shattered into pieces,” Alexander replied.

“What about all the others that he has hypnotized? What will happen to them thereafter? Will they also be shattered with him?” Agnes asked. “All those hypnotized will come to their senses after he loses his power. It is not that all that are on his side wished to become evil but it is all because of his hypnosis. Otherwise, Apreinda is a holy land of holy natives,” he replied.

“Then how are we going to fight with those hypnotized?”Agnes inquired. “Each one of you here has the power to break the hypnosis,” he answered. “Then how shall we do it?” she replied. “You just have to look at them with all your attention on their eyes and they will come to their senses,” he answered.

“I can’t believe that we had such kind of power!” Agnes wondered. “Yeah, if I had known that earlier, I would have cured the people in Mathias’ castle,” Aaron said. “Come on Aaron, there aren’t any human beings in Apreinda, there are just weird creatures,” Anna said to Aaron.

“You tell us Alexander, are there any people in Apreinda?” Anna inquired. “Yes, they are there but not of your size. They are very short to the height of Amon,” he replied. “You mean dwarfs?” Agnes asked. “Yeah, dwarfs,” he replied and they all burst into laughter. “What is funny about that?” he inquired. “Nothing is funny but I really thought that you were meaning average people,” Agnes answered.

“We are wasting time in here. Let us go out to find others,” Agnes suggested. “I agree with you Agnes. You should all carry your weapons and don’t forget anything,” Alexander said.

They moved out and walked some distance until they reached the middle of a forest. There they found two dwarfs trying to cut down a tree. “Please don’t cut me, spare me,” the tree pleaded but the dwarfs couldn’t list. “What is wrong with that tree? Why is it speaking?” Mr. Vallance inquired. “All trees here can speak and listen. They can also see and walk,” Alexander replied. All the six wondered after seeing this tree.

“Why would those dwarfs want to kill their fellow creature?” Agnes asked Alexander. “They are under the hypnosis of Mathias” he replied. “I can deal with that,” Agnes said as she approached them. “Don’t do that Agnes. Those dwarfs are crazy and they can harm you,” Beatrice cried out. “Let her be. She can manage that,” Alexander said. “Hey, you two look here,” Agnes called them and they looked at her in the eyes. Immediately, the dwarfs came back to their senses.

“Where are we? What are we doing here?” the two dwarfs wondered. “Thanks to her highness, Agnes that you are now free from the hypnosis,” Alexander said. “Thank you your highness,” they all said as they bowed before her.

“Wow, I should have known earlier, when you used to tell us about your imaginations and now you are a real princess,” Beatrice said. “That you for saving me your highness,” the tree said.

“When did you arrive here? Everyone has been eagerly waiting for you but unfortunately, Mathias has hypnotized almost everyone,” one of the dwarfs said. “Have they already passed here?” Alexander asked. “Yes, they have gone to find you,” they answered. “We have narrowly escaped them,” Alexander said in relief.

The dwarfs led them to their house. “Everything here is very tiny, how do you manage to live here?” Aaron inquired. “Don’t be silly Aaron, don’t you see that tiny people should have tiny things,” Agnes said. They all laughed at him and he felt ashamed. “Don’t feel offended since you didn’t know that,” Beatrice tried to comfort him.

“You should know that we feel much honored to have you here so feel at home,” they said. “are you two husband and wife?” Agnes inquired. “Yes, we are,” they replied. “Then where are your children?” she asked. “We don’t have any but we are looking forward to having many,” replied the husband.

“Would you like to have some tea?” inquired the wife. “Yes we would like to,” Agnes replied. The wife went to the kitchen to prepare tea.

“Mathias has gathered many troops and he has hypnotized almost everyone,” the dwarf said. “Are there others that you know that have not yet been hypnotized by Matthias?” Agnes asked. “Yeah, there is my friend next to me,” the dwarf replied. “Is that friend your neighbor?” she asked. “Yes he is,” the dwarf replied. “I suppose that we should go and meet him. May be would be of some help,” Alexander said.

The other dwarf brought the tea and served it in very tiny cups. “Wife, we are going to meet Tony right now,” the dwarf told the other.

They moved out of the house and the dwarfs each held an axe. They walked for long until they reached a river. “Were you serious when you said that Tony was your neighbor?” Mr. Vallance inquired. “Yes your highness, Tony is my neighbor,” he replied. “We have walked all this far but we have not yet reached there,” he complained. “He lives across the across the river,” the dwarf replied. “Is that what you call neighbor?” he asked. “Yes because he is the one nearest to me,”

“Will you two stop arguing and let us figure out how we are going to cross this huge river? You are all arguing like kids,” Beatrice said. “Don’t worry about that. I will solve it,” Alexander said. He waved his hand on the river and it all froze. They crossed it and went to Tony’s house.

A big bunny came out and welcomed them. “Your friend is a bunny!” Aaron wondered. “Yes he is a bunny,” the dwarf replied. “Tony, this is Alexander our king’s messenger and these are our heroes,” said the dwarf. “You come in, you are very welcome,” said the bunny.

They all went inside and sat. “Alexander, do you know that Mathias passed here and scared us that he would kill us if we didn’t tell him where you were with the human beings?” the bunny added. “Yes, I have heard about that. What else did he say to you?” Alexander inquired. “He said that if he finds out that we have been sheltering you, he will kill us,” the bunny answered.

“Tony, is there anyone else that you know has not yet been driven out of their senses?” Agnes asked. “Yes, there are many who I know,” he replied. “Where are they right now?” Agnes inquired. “They were all scared of being under Matthias’ control and so they went to hide in the basement,” he replied.

“Do you mean the holy basement?” Alexander asked Tony. “Yes, they are all waiting for you to come and rescue them,” he replied. “I think we should get going before Matthias finds them,” Alexander said.

They moved to the holy basement and found there many different creatures. Each one of them felt very excited after seeing the family and they were very hopeful of being rescued.

Alexander went and stood in front of them and said, “We have been tasked to save our land from those strangers from the West. Our other brothers have been hypnotized but that does not stop us, the ones who have remained to free our land,” he said loudly and all the others cheered.

“We should all be prepared for this war and we shall surely win as long as we have the six human beings here with us,” he added. All of them were ready for the battle as they had all the necessary weapons.

“We are now heading to the imperial palace to get the magic book and we shall then crush all our enemies,” Alexander said. They all moved out of the holy basement and headed to the palace. As they reached the palace gates, they found Matthias’ troops waiting on the gates.

“What should we do Alexander?” Agnes inquired. Alexander looked carefully at them and replied, “Those are our brothers so we shouldn’t crush them. They are just under hypnosis and all that has to be done is to free them from it and they will join us,” Alexander nodded to the six and they looked at them and at once they came back to their senses.

“I know that all you brothers are now confused but you have been hypnotized. These are the six human beings that have come to save us,” he told them. They all bowed to pay respect to the family.

“We are going in to get the magic book from Mathias. You should open the gate for us to enter,” Agnes told them. They opened the gate and all of them entered. The palace had a very big compound and it was very large. There was silence for some time and they waited to see what was to come out. At once the troops of Matthias attacked them.

The fighters of Mathias were very huge and more energy compared to the natives of Apreinda. Every member of the family was participating in the battle respectively except Amon who was treating the wounded fighters.

They were almost finishing Mathias’ troops when he came out of the palace with Bruno on his side and many of the creatures from the West. He looked at them and gave a wicked smile. “You are all welcome to my paradise. What have you come looking for? Is it the magic book?” he asked in a mocking tone and broke into laughter. “You should shut your mouth, you monster,” Aaron shouted at him.

“Oh! It is you again. You disobedient boy, why didn’t you do what I told you to do? You have misused your chance. Otherwise, I would have made you my successor,” Matthias told Aaron.

“You are so evil Mathias, I don’t want any of your of your offers. I myself will lead you to your grave,” Aaron said. “You have really made a man out of yourself. Are you sure that you want to fight with me? Aren’t you scared at all?” Matthias said.

“I am not scared of you monster because you have no power over me,” Aaron told Matthias. Mathias broke into laughter and removed his sword from the sheath and pointed it at Aaron. Aaron also removed his and pointed it at Mathias. “You will surely regret this you boy,” Mathias told Aaron. “Let us see who will regret because I see that you are the one to regret,” Aaron said.

“Agnes and Anna, you should go inside and get the magic book. The rest of us will remain here and fight,” Alexander said. “Agnes and Anna took the potion and teleported to the room where the book was kept.

There were a lot of traps inside and one wouldn’t manage to escape them if he or she was not careful. Luckily enough, they managed to escape the traps. When they were almost getting the book, they stepped near the table on which the book was and they suddenly fell down under room.

“What has happened?” Agnes inquired. “I think it is a trap and we have become stuck down her,” Anna replied. “What should we do now since there is no way out?” Agnes asked. “I also don’t know. But why are there many skeletons down here? Is this a sacrificing pit?” Anna asked. “I think all those that tried to steal the magic book were trapped down here and failed to survive,” Agnes replied. “Does that mean that we are also going to be trapped here forever?” Anna inquired. All the two looked so puzzled at that moment.

In a moment, the skeletons started joining together and stood up. “Oh no, the skeletons have stood up and are heading to us,” Agnes cried out. Agnes got the bow and arrows of fire and started shooting them as they also attacked them. The skeletons were fighting like they were alive and soon Agnes managed to get all of them to ashes. “I never knew that this would be easy with bow and arrows of fire,” Agnes said.

“I have got an idea of how we are going to get up there very quickly,” Anna said. “What is it?” Agnes asked. “Let us drink the teleporting potion and we will be up there in no minute,” Anna answered. “That is a brilliant idea. Why didn’t you think about that earlier before we got into all this trouble?” Agnes asked. “I am sorry about that,” Anna said and smiled at her.

They took the potion and went up. Agnes removed the book from the table and as they moved from the room, Bruno was waiting for them on the door way. Agnes and Anna looked sternly at him but he walked nearer to them. “You should keep your distance,” said Agnes. “What will you do if I don’t keep my distance? Huh?” Mathias inquired. Agnes removed the bow and an arrow of fire and directed it to him.

Bruno caught the arrow from the air and broke it into pieces. She shot another arrow but Bruno punched it and it fell on the floor. He broke into laughter and said; “you little girl think that you fight me? Do you know who Bruno is or you want me to tell you? If you want to fight me then you have to train for centuries.”

“I don’t want to know who you are and I don’t fear you at all because you have got no power over me,” Agnes said with confidence. “Are you sure? Oh! I am scared of you,” he said in mockery and laughed.

As they were still standing there, Beatrice came from behind Bruno and stabbed him in the back with the dagger which had poison. Bruno then fell down dead. “Mom!” Agnes wondered. They all went and hugged her. “Mom, we have already got the book. Let us go out and meet the others,” Agnes said. “Yes, let us hurry and get rid of Mathias at once,” Beatrice said.

They moved out of the palace and reaching outside, the battle was still going on. Agnes raised the book and shouted out; “I have already got the book and so you should surrender right now.” Mathias looked scared at the moment and raised his hand so as to pull the book from her hands but he failed. Since he was longer in control of the book, it shattered him into pieces as well as all the creatures from the West.

Everyone shouted out with joy for they had won their longtime enemies.

After that, they all went in the palace to crown the family. There were six thrones, one for each of them and they were given crowns. All the natives Apreinda paid their respects to them.

They held a big feast that night and there was a lot of eating, drinking and dancing. Agnes was seated besides Alexander and he gave him a toast. “Thank you for saving the natives of Apreinda,” Agnes said to Alexander. “Don’t say that Agnes, I am the one who is supposed to thank you. If it wasn’t for you people, we wouldn’t have achieved this success,” Alexander said.

“You also need to be appreciated because you have been the coordinator of everything,” Agnes said. “I was only doing my duty as my king’s messenger,” Alexander said. “Do you think I am joking? Let me show you what I mean,” Agnes said.

She stood up and raised her cup; “let us give a toast for Alexander,” she said. “A toast for Alexander!” replied all the others. She sat down again and smiled at him. “You really didn’t have to do that,” said Alexander. “You should know that everybody here is proud of you,” said Agnes. Let me hope that you are not just fluttering me,” Alexander said. “Don’t worry Alexander because all I am saying is the truth,” Agnes reassured him. “I suppose that you will be going back home tomorrow since your mission here is complete,” Alexander told Agnes.

The following morning, the family gave their farewell messages and they were flown back home.

One day, their neighbors had come to have dinner with them. Amon took the neighbors’ child to his room and started narrating to him all the adventures he had in Apreinda.

“When we reached Apreinda, we found hypnotized dwarfs which wanted to cut down a tree and guess what, the tree could speak, gear and see,” he narrated. “Don’t be crazy Amon, there is no such a thing as trees that can speak, hear and see,” said the boy. “I have not yet even told you half of the story and you have started doubting me. Those two dwarfs had a friend who was a bunny,” he added. The boy burst into laughter and said to him; “Are you narrating to me some animated movie or you are just making up a story?” Amon tried to explain to the boy but he did not believe him.

“Look here, I am a prince of Apreinda, my family and I fought for the natives of Apreinda against those monsters from the west,” Amon’ added.

“Come on Amon, your father is just a farmer. Why would you even dream of becoming a prince?” said the boy. “I really mean what I am saying. Please trust me,” said Amon.

“What are you two arguing about?” asked Agnes as she entered Amon’s room. “He has refused to believe whatever I have told him about Apreinda,” Amon cried out. “Amon has gone crazy. He is telling me of talking trees and crazy dwarfs. He also told me that he is a prince of Apreinda, how do you expect me to believe such a story?” said the boy.

The boy ran out of the room laughing at Amon. Amon felt annoyed and asked Agnes; “have I done anything wrong by telling him about Apreinda?” “No Amon, you have not done any wrong but other people won’t believe unless they see for themselves. I am telling you this because I have ever experienced it. But for now, let Apreinda remain between our family,” said Agnes.

“Okay sister, I promise never to tell anyone about Apreinda. It will always remain our family secret,” said Amon.

They thereafter went to the dining room and had dinner.



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