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Ria Mimi2022/08/19 23:03

First blog.

I come from a tribe that was ranked to produce the best wives. A twenty year guarantee or a lifetime. The best wives to have around. Well I doubt it, I mean it can't work out for all of them. Me included. Am very short tempered, am a burning fuse waiting to explode and I hate being ordered around and it kind of applies to everyone here. well not all of them. I had to confirm this and so I asked my mother. She confirmed it and somehow I could not help but snort. Her marriage did not quite work out and when I count the years, well........ she left when I was six. That is a story for another day.

Maybe it does not work out for all of them. They say that the brides to be have to undergo some lessons. I have attended weddings so I cant quite confirm that but it might be true. While growing up I would visit my grandmother's place, my mothers side. The girls there would take some lessons from the elderly ladies in the community. But now it has all quitened down. But guess its real. Am a Gen Z, curious and thirsty for evidence.

Or is this all an excuse? My very depressing sad love life and anxiety. Am afraid of whats to come in the future. Marriage, kids. Jealous that others are succeeding while failure is lurching onto me.

My sisters are all married and happy with their kids and baby daddies. Guess it does not really apply to all. Me included. Like mother, like daughter. I have my mama's Genes.

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