Jayvibes2022/08/19 17:05

The Poem centres on the effects of sadness and how people felt when betrayed by their loved ones.

I am really sad, such a feeling is just sad

In my heart I thought of never to get in but life experiences can actually add

In tear that flows like a river, see my fear got me real bad

I have made plans, prayed and even seek for cancel to be free but this is too hard

I trusted and believed in those around me unknown I got no one help

With my burden I believe and trust my instincts but I need few days before I can achieve that without being held

If this persist, I am really doom and have no cure as it's means, I have just failed

Can I handle the worse as the little am in it's hurting can I be bailed

Surely my mood right now is as troubled and strong like the waves of an ocean

Am now calm though internally unrest I have to adjust and skip a session

For I know I wanted no this and it's wasn't supposed to be my portion

With everything moving in and outside of me I have to take a drastic action

Am just really sad.


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