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I take the blame

Jayvibes2023/04/14 23:01


Fully in control of my daily ignorance; though knowledge is not rejected for it's an aim,being careful to blame, never minding the shame.

Can't it be, that I am totally out of frame?.

Don't talk about it then,I am not after the fame.

Every step taken, requires a pulse and rethink as my mistakes are owned by my very self;I might need your help but I believe in things done by my one and only best.

It's not that am avoiding but that's just by my own taste.

To my errs and shortcoming i blame no one; definitely my entire instinct is to hurt no one.

A unique stoop for that very

day to rise,with a determined heart of care like, bleeding flow of Calvary's blood to save a reborn.

Point out that garment that shows am not different but a riffraff.

My pleasure is to change,a simple and quickest way for a burden life to ease.Look within not a facial look to judge my aim towards being complete to half.


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