Fear of Death

OpeneCj2022/08/19 11:23

Everyone fears death and so I come to the possibility of accepting and this is why.... short article hope you like it just expressing my self

Everyone fears death,

While some have come to terms

With it, by accepting the possibility of it... While others feel they haven't done enough on earth

to just let go.

If you look at it this way, why would you when there are so many unaccomplished dreams, ambitions, and desires not yet fulfilled.

When you look around you and see your life and that of the people around you, the thought of life and the situation they are in now makes you feel you haven't done enough here on earth.

A better life is all we wish for, just to have that feeling like you left an impact or legacy behind, for people to remember you by, because we all come and go but the impact we make tells our story for future generations.

Death is that curtain, we will one day unveil and know what lies beyond.


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