🖤Dark love 🖤

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🖤Dark love 🖤



Chapter 1

"Ahh", I sighed

Today will be a really long day for me.

I am Bethany. I don't have a surname coz I became an orphan when I was a baby.

I am 21years old. I was based at an orphanage but I bought my own flat 2months ago.

I am headed to a cafe to wait for someone. I will be meeting up with a technology expert my phone is having some hook ups. I need it to check for job application.

As I got to the cafe I took my seat and ordered for water.

I then noticed a man a little older than me staring intensely at me I became alert.

I decided to give the technician a call with my hooked up phone...

I phone just went blank. I decided to go home because I was uncomfortable. The guy was staring at me so deeply. He wasnt even trying to hide the fact he was staring at me so he was doing it so openly and freely.

I stood up and left the cafe. As I was walking I went to road and waited for a cab.

I turned and saw that man behind me.

God please protect me.

He walked closer to me. I checked to see if any car where coming but the road seemed real empty. He walked even closer to me. I tried running but he held my arms firmly.

I was stucked to that position. He leaned forward to me and gave me a smirk. I noticed his eye lens began changing colour from Green to red to blue and then back to Green.

With that fear gripped me.

He touched my neck with his lips and I began feeling dizzy. Everything became blurry. I then everything blacked out.

Jace 👹

I don't know why I feel like going out of the realm for a little treat.

I told Alberto my right hand man to prepare a car for me.

I began driving looking for a place to cool off.

LAmentoes càfè I read out.

I got down and went inside. While waiting for my order...

I saw a really pretty lady. She had blue eyes, pointed nose. Pink full lips. Instantly I fell in love with her.

Her eyes met mine she looked away looking uncomfortable.

She stood up and left the cafe. I got up at followed her to the road.

She turned and looked at me. I walked closer to her she became scared and tried to run I held her arm firmly but gentle so I won't hurt her.

I leaned to her and I inhaled her sweet scent giving me a feeling of satisfaction. As I did that I noticed she looked more scared.

She is mine. Knowing she won't willingly agree to follow me back to Tezia I decided to make her unconscious.

I put my lips on her neck, passing some harmless venom into her.

She fell on my shoulder. I carried her in a bridal style and put her in the car. I began to head for Tezia. Tezia is hidden in a place no mortal or non Tezian being could locate.

Now in Tezia I took her into my palace. I took her to my room and as we walked the guard, Alberto and Draco my third in command starred at me in shock and confusion.

I put her to bed and sat beside her.

I noticed her eyes were beginning to open. I starred keenly at her.

"Wh...at am... I doing here. Who or what the fuck are you" she asked looking frightened

"Hey calm down," I said trying to hold her to calm her down but she hit my hands away.

"Okay umm... I am Jace" I answered

"What are you and what do you want with me" she asked moving away from me

"I am a demon and this is Tezia, a realm of demons"I aswered and watched as she starred at me in shock

"I brought you here becoz I am in love with you"

"Is this a dream or am I in coma. You are a demon and I am in a realm of demons. You kidnapped me and brought me here because you are in love with me. How can you fall in love with someone your seeing for the first time. Is this some kind of joke or what. Do I look that stupid to you?"

"Get some rest you must be tired. I will be back in a minute with food for you"

I said getting up

"Excuse me Mr. You can't just leave I need answered"she said and dragged my shirt making my buttons come loose.

I stared at her and she shifted back in fright. My inner deadly demon looked at her. I quickly suppressed it walked out of the room.

I told Alberto to get me some food for her. I collect the food from him and went back to the room. She was seating on the bed with her head buried in between her legs. She was sniffing and cried. I felt a Sting in my heart.

"Hey"I said softly touching her hands softly. She flinched and shifted away.

I sighed. This might talk a while.

"I brought food for you" she just stared at me like I was speaking Japanese or some foreign language.

"Open up"I said bringing the spoon full of food to her mouth she didn't do anything she just stared at me in fear.

"Please let me go who or what ever you are. I am just a poor orphan no one will send a Ransom for me please" she pleaded with tears in her eyes.

"I have told you you are mine now I don't need any stupid Ransom you are priceless. I love you.

I have told you who I am I am Jace the most powerful demon in Tezia the realm of demons the most powerful beings in the world. So baby, get used to that coz you are not leaving this place not now or forever."I said and gnarled.

She burst in tears and my heart began to hurt.

"I am really sorry" I said and left the room.


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