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Separated (single parenting)

After individual got to this puberty stage (as a teenager), they feel they should be independent, they can't be corrected or they can love and dump whosoever and so they are eager to enjoy this period of their life to the fullest, after they got to this early youth age (21 and above), they love someone and with time and familiarity, they make love and then she gets pregnant, maybe as a result of her pregnancy and the rejection of she aborting the pregnancy, they decides to break up and thereby the one with the baby becomes a single parent

Ignorantly, you never know the confusion you've brought upon this new creature, the child becomes a fatherless or motherless child not because he lost one of them but because out of their pleasure and ignorance, they had given birth to him at the wrong period and he, yes he is suffering for it. One parent can't fully take the responsibility of the both parents, he/she will be lacking somewhere, definitely in training and discipline or provision of the needs or in loving this child

Though, they are other reasons this so called "single parenting" can occur but always please consider your offsprings, they shouldn't suffer because of you! Because you were ignorant. You should rather study or learn work or get busy with something important at your young age when you don't have the facilities to become a good parent, yet.

Don't expose your kids to the reality of rivalries or hatred or to no or little support. And then you'll keep wondering why they fail, get depressed and don't spend time with good people or things when they are actually helpless. At least, if the other parent is dead or something, that is still understandable but they still need full support of you

I won't take this long but please do spend your young age's time wisely so you won't regret

Girls, you can love whosoever, in as much your age is not restricting but give your body to him at the right time and in the right state of his standard of living

And guys, just be focused, have your dreams and be ready to accomplish it, yes, you can have something canal at the right age but don't take it through a way that will result in an outcome 



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