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Kech2022/08/17 09:22

what is pride in your perspective? cos a times you wanna be judgemental.

Listen dear judge, that you call me by my name, i wave my hands at you and don't wanna talk doesn't mean am proud.

That you tap me with your hands to snap you then i felt your hands and wave my hands to say 'NO' doesn't mean am proud.

That i don't wanna talk at the moment you wanna talk doesn't me am proud.

With all these little incident you call pride, Have i by any chance snubbed you? Remember i waved, cos in accordance with the rule of communication, it means that communication took place, Right?

So i think you really have to figure out or rather make proper research on what pride really means.

Cos in my perspective and what i had been thought thus far,pride means seeing your self more important than others. In this case, you can't dine or interact with them.

Cos it is clearly spelled out in the holy book that pride is Exhorting your self when him the most high hasn't.

So my dear that i use sign languages and don't wanna talk or don't wanna mingle doesn't mean am proud. cos a times circumstance keep you in condition that you, don't wanna talk.


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