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Philipnice2022/08/17 06:27

Live like the lion

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Have we ever thought of breaking loose from our fear?

Have ever thought of taking part in the beautiful adventures of the world but still hold back?

We show these negative vibes maybe because we are scared of taking risk, or perhaps we don't want to face denigration from people and so we decide to remain in our she'll just like me snail would always do.

There are a thousand and one reasons you need to know that would help you to start building that confidence and that self esteem but sincerely knowing all of it could be a taxing one.

Inasmuch as you want to start being proactive and relevant doesn't mean you need to go through this process to start being a vision oriented person.


You don't need to be the fastest just like the cheetah

You don't need to be the tallest like the giraffe

You don't need to be the fatest just like the elephant.

All you need is to be like the lion despite the absence of this quality in the lion it is still called the king of the jungle.

It is never scared of taking risk.

Always brave and confident in going for what it wants.

Emulate the lifestyle of the lion fearless, brave & confident

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