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Read About Top 5 popular Telugu comedians  With

Telugu Cinema Updates: South Indian film industry has come so far in terms of acting and debuted the best actors and actresses. But have you wondered among all the actors, who are the most comedian actor of all? We usually differentiate the actors based on acting, but who is the most prominent comedy actor? Ever thought about it? The movies cannot be completed without entertainment, and people will love that movie which is comedy no matter how bad the script is, there are many such examples like that, where movies just go hit because of the comedy part and the actor’s acting. Entertainment’s best means is the thing which can entertain the audiences, whether it is comedy or anything else.

Okay, so let’s start a discussion about it, here in this article I will discuss the top 5 best Telugu comedy actors of the year.

1.       Brahmanandam- he is one of the top legendary comedians, no one can replace him. He is the king of Telugu comedy. He also holds the Guinness world record, for his best acting. Having appeared in thousands of films. He is the only comedian who is having a following in the world base.  Brahmanandam started his acting career in 1987.

2.       Ali- Ali began his career as a young artist, and now become one of the best and most well-known Telugu comedy actors. He is perhaps best known for his extremely energetic performances in movies like Super, Pokiri, Kick, Atharintiki Daaredi, and many more. He started gaining fame in 1990 for funny roles and also interaction with Brahmanandam in various movies.

3.       Saptagiri- the real name is Venkata Prabhu Prasad, he changed his name to Saptagiri. He achieves immense fame with the movie Venkatadri Express. He has since appeared in several movies of various sizes and has continued to entertain audiences.

4.       PrudviRaj- after one another, the most known comedy actor in T-town (Telugu cinema) and has appeared in hundreds of movies. He joined the industry as an actor and spent 40 days learning the basics with Rao Gopala Rao. Then he worked in Krishna Vamsi's industry for 30 years, but mostly in the comedy genre.

5.       Vennela Kishore- he has become one of the most sought-after young comedy stars in Tollywood these days. Vennela Kishore is one of the most talented comedy actors of all time in the Telugu Industry. Every performance of Kishore was superb, amazing, and fantastic. His performances in Bindaas, Current, and Yemaindi Ee Vela are of beautiful.

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