Kech2022/08/13 21:56

A times people avoid each other not because they wanna be enemies cos they don't wanna cross each other boundaries .To these ,These little epistle is drafted out,

I avoid you cos you aren't sincere,

I avoid you cos your character portrays you are a hassle.

I avoid you cos in you is heaped with lies

I avoid you cos you are a cheat

I avoid you cos your judgement is sentimental.

I avoid you not because we are enemy ,cos when you see white you call it black ,what do you stand to gain?

I avoid you cos all over you is speaking jealousy and hatred ,when will you change?cos all what you are good at is evil.

I avoid you cos i don't wanna be a gossiper as you cos all the time,you wanna open your mouth wide to talk ill of another, when you your self need to be inculcated with some morals.

I avoid you cos only what you want is conflict ,you never want an atmosphere of peace.

I avoid you cos you wanna dominate all the time not allowing others to air their views .MY dear this isn't maturity.

I avoid you cos i don't wanna have issues with you cos you know we've had clashes over the years settling and quarreling ,when will you ever be a change person ? cos you are still the same over and over ,all you want is for you to be liked most and for others to be daughter of Jezebel change from your ways cos it isn't gonna lead you anywhere ,it only gonna mess up your future cos there is always a season to reap what you sow,cos that evil seed you sowing you gonna definitely reap it


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