Another world

Nameless2022/08/13 16:34
Another world

Have you ever closed your eyes and wandered inside your head only to find yourself in the wrong address

Because I did

These aren't my thoughts

This isn't my mind

I wandered too far and now I am losing myself in someone else's head, drifting away to a place no beloved one can reach to save me.

The faces, the vibes, the pattern of thinking

Even the colors aren't the same

I once painted my world in the colors of sunset, I lit the horizon with pink and lilac flames

But this, inside this mind there was a black and white movie playing on repeat and I was walking down these lifeless streets with my black and white vintage dress wondering what happened

And I thought to myself when did dreams of the past become so tragic

A reality altered

A soul lost forever

l opened my eyes and knew right then, that I'll never be the same


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