Woman, you're what God is (Goddess)

Evolve spirit2022/08/12 14:52

About mankind and Divine.

Woman, you're what God is (goddess)

In a body

The body is just temporary property.

The love you give

Is a reflection of what you is,

Beyond this thing called memories.

The drug I'm on is melodies

When i have symptoms of lacking Happiness

That's my Medicine.

Yes your booty looking delicious and Lovely

But I'm more moved and interested in that within you which is Godly.

You don't have to agree with my View of You

Or your view of me for us to be Compatible

That's no reason for us not to Hang and Chill

Rejection and acceptance are just two Halves of a coin to help Character Build.

But if you don't want me in your life that's understandable

Coz i don't wanna give off rapey vibes like how humans feel around cannabils

Coz i know how it feels to have your energy sucked dry like ticks on animals.

I don't wanna say we just mammals bruh, this mind and flesh just my soul's clothes afterall.

I used to be one who wants many hoes

Used to be addicted to panties and smoke

Was unsatisfied when I had plenty of those

Used to feel insecure when they told me to leave them the hell alone

At this point in life I prefer them to tell me no

And after all this talk I'm just One, of many folks

Who thinks of life as a divinely constructed comedic joke

if I didn't see it so I would've felt like I desperately needed hope

So this Temple of God, My vehicle

I declare it blessed till i breath no more

But before that achieve eveRy goal

That i had since i was three years old.

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