SelwynKDP2022/08/11 22:04

Would you believe me if I say I could feel your pain, I know it hurts to smile again, thinking do I deserve this yet always shouting you deserve more than what you've gained, I know things won't be the same, but maybe it shouldn't be and that's the aim, to do it better than it was back it the day, seek wisdom and ask for understanding, perceive the vision and youll start to get what the plan is, you're part of the flight so remain calm and let the pilot safely land it, seats in the upright position, respectful posture is standard, you're the perfect candidate, for his purposes he already handled it, so don't fear just be of good cheer like a child who just received some sweet candy, your help sure will come in handy, I promise someone out there could surely lend it, so borrow it just don't undermine yourself cause you'll never then know whom you'll truly meant to become and meant to be, brighten up your contrast and see the finer view of things, in the end everyrhing will be just the way it's meant to be, His word always prevails as his Will is our designated destinies.

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