Herbal shampoo for dandruff and psoriasis | Lumina shampoo

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Lumina herbal shampoo gives freedom from dandruff and scalp scales. Lumina shampoo exerts quick kill effect on pityrosporum ovale. Lumina shampoo showed 60% of candida albicans killed in a short contact time of 2minutes. Lumina shampoo offers smmoth, soft and lustrous hair.

Herbal shampoo for dandruff and psoriasis | Lumina shampoo

Dandruff is a common but recurrent problem. Many anti-dandruff shampoos are available but has its own positives and negatives as well. Introducing, Lumina shampoo isa herbal anti-dandruff shampoo which is effective and safe. It contains 100% herbal actives such as Aloe vera, Trigonellafoenum, Hibiscus rosasinensis which are time tested herbal actives. Lumina shampoo is unique in its way of action as it shows quick kill effect on the dandruff causing microbes. Lumina shampoo exfoliates dry scales on the scalp and reduces the scaling in dandruff and scalp scales. Each herbal active present in Lumina shampoo has well documented scientific proof which defines its anti-dandruff activity.

Generally anti-dandruff shampoos cause dryness whereas Lumina shampoo will not cause any dryness to the scalp but provides conditioning effect. Lumina shampoo makes hair manageable, lustrous and shiny.

Lumina shampoo also contains other well documented actives i.e., Acacia sinuate, Psoryleacorylifolia, Indigoferatinctoria which are effective in the management of dandruff.

Lumina shampoo is proven to remove dandruff and scalp scales and that too without causing any negative effect to scalp and hair. Lumina shampoo reduces dandruff associated hair and acts as an excellent hair conditioner and cleanser based on volunteer’s feedback.

Lumina shampoo is scientifically proven to kill fungai in a short contact time of 2 minutes. Lumina shampoo also showed quick kill effect on the various dandruff causing fungi such as Pityrosporumovale and candida species.


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