Herbal Immune tonic for kids | Jrk's Immuno BS herbal tonic

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JRK's Immuno BS Herbal Tonic is an immune booster for children. Herbal tonic for immunity that fights against RSV. Herbal tonic for immunity keeps infections away and removes toxins. Herbal tonic for immunity stimulates appetite and enhances digestion.

Herbal Immune tonic for kids | Jrk's Immuno BS herbal tonic

Immuno BS Herbal Tonic, an immune booster for children is formulated with 13 immune boosting and other health promoting benefits.

Immune booster tonic contains Tinosporacordifolia that possess an effective immune modulatory benefit which enhances the immunity by stimulating phagocytosis – first line of defence.

Immune booster tonic contains Zingiberofficinale that stimulates digestion and appetite and helps in relieving constipation and flatulence.

JRK’sImmuno BS Herbal tonic, immune booster tonic for children that promotes immunity, improves digestion and eliminates toxins. This immune booster tonic is rich in herbs that are havingstrong anti-oxidant effect that decreases the load of free radicles and oxidative stress.

JRK's Immuno BS Herbal Tonic, an immune booster tonic contain benefits such as anti-helminthic and anti-microbial properties. It containCelastruspaniculatusthat boosts humoral immunity and Indigoferaaspalathoides that has protective effect against carcinogens and thereby removes toxins.

JRK's Immuno BS Herbal Tonic, immune booster tonic also contains Ocimum sanctum, Bacopamonnieri which in immune booster tonic reduces stress, improves both cellular and humoral immunity and improves the memory by affecting GABAergic system respectively.

Each herb in this immune booster tonic has its own specific role and all together helps in improving the immunity of children and resistant against many viral infections and also improves appetite i.e., Leucasaspera in immune booster tonic is a well- known Siddha herb that is an appetite stimulant for children.

Piper betle in immune booster tonic possess hepatoprotective activity and free radical scavenging effect and also decreases DNA damage and lipid peroxidation.


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