An Advice

ImcalledDawn2022/08/16 04:50
An Advice

We are seeds dispersed in a place unknown,

Where dreams start to bloom.

Hard work is the tool,

And prayer is the shield.

We entered her portals,

Like sojourners in the night.

Walking through from the main gate,

After the bus left its dust,

Will hope and faith in sight.

The soils of opportunity are tirelessly toiled,

In the door of wisdom, we entered with faith,

The scrolls of knowledge are read wholeheartedly.

To the counsels of the wise, we listened enthusiastically,

In the midst of knowing, the brain wanders and wonder.

Like a lost Nomads in the desert.

One thing to keep it safe and sane,

Is to hold ourselves together,

Like strong grasp of faith,

Like a mighty ant holding its strength.

Mistakes made us weak,

Hope keep us meek.

We stumble and fall,

Get up and stand tall.

Keep the eyes to your destiny.


We'll arrive together to the realm of victory,

Where we are meant to be.


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