The spots in the spotlight

Mimi2022/08/12 07:14
The spots in the spotlight


In the spotlight is the blossoming moulded smiles of Miranda,

The clear shots of Miranda, a catapult of stares

But under covers is the dreaded melting crown on her head.

The toughness of the late night's

Dark sacrifices to trap and rule minds.

The fake morning is a sentence.

The contempt of nude hustles

The ugly scammed face that let out the huge ransome.

That body where artful beauty doctors tried their talents, poking with many knives, twisting and clipping to forge unrealisticness in beauty.

To wear her a coat of fairy skin and make history of nature's piece.

How much it costs, to reside in drains of lost freedom.

The hurt scouting on healing lanes..

In the spotlight, lies the most awkwardly coloured feathered bird planted on sharp golden heels.

Quieted from singing her morning songs.

With no more fear of salt based water in her eyes. Perky and shimmering like sun reflections on a looking glass.

Yet her will is squashed in coins.

Same spotlight, they all raise heads and aspire.

Agio Arch.


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