The Westerners (2)

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This is the second part to the story “The Westerners”. A story about the travails of 2 African princes in the Primitive era.

The Westerners (2)

The giant got to his home peacefully, he dropped the log of wood from his shoulder, light up fire for warmth and laid on his back to rest. The young prince had been following the giant the whole time unknown to the giant. Dogo saw a perfect opportunity to attack his enemy when the giant decided to lay down and close his eyes. In a swift attack, Dogo threw a sharp spear to the sleeping giant, the spear missed him and he woke up instantly. The giant saw the spear and he immediately realized that there is an unknown enemy in his territory. He sprung up and took his sword looking around for his aggressor. He saw the shadow of the young man, he raced towards the shadow. When the young prince saw the giant advancing forcefully, he quickly retreated and ran away for his dear life. The giant chased him through the forest.

After several minutes of hot pursuit, Dogo decided to face his fear once and for all. He waited for the giant to catch up with him. On seeing Dogo, the giant was surprised and said to him “Run along boy, I am sure that you don’t want to die before your time, Enough with the jokes, go home and don’t come down here again” he turns his back to the young prince. Seeing another golden opportunity, Dogo threw a knife at the giant, it struck him at the back. The giant shouted in pains and turned around aggressively at Dogo “That is it boy, you are definitely getting what is coming to you” The giant stretched out his sword in annoyance, Dogo stretched out his sword too, ready for duel. They both clashed their swords for a moment but due to strength and experience, the giant was able to subdue his enemy. The young prince was defeated and was already on the ground waiting for his final execution. As the one-eyed giant raised his sword to finish off Dogo, there was an intervention from an external force. The giant sword clashed with another sword, it was Jerah that came to the rescue of Dogo. Another fight ensued between the giant and Jerah, and again because of strength and experience, the giant defeated Jerah. The two princes were on the ground tired waiting for their death, the one-eyed giant decided to kill Dogo first, he smiled and went up to him with his sword raised high and said “First come, first served”. As he was about to slash his head, Jerah came to the rescue again. This time Jerah used his lap to come in between the sword and his brother’s neck, the sword slashed through his groin. Jerah shouted in pains, the one-eyed giant was confused and lost his concentration, the giant was trying to figure out what just happened. Dogo saw a perfect opportunity when the giant was not looking, took his sword and pierced the giant from the back, the giant fell to his kneels, Dogo finished the job by slicing the giant head off his body. The giant fell down with his headless body. Dogo quickly rushed to Jerah and realized that he is bleeding profusely from the groin, he stood up and got some herbal leaves, mix it together to apply on the wound. When he opened his groin, they both realized that Jerah’s manhood have been cut off by the sword of the one-eyed giant, they both wept bitterly. Dogo finished covering up the wound and it stopped bleeding. The two princes made a vow never to tell anybody what has happened in the forest. Dogo put the head of the giant in his goatskin bag and left the forest with Jerah.

On the day of the festival, the people are gathered in the arena to witness another blood bath which is a means for atonement and for entertainment. As usual the festival commences with an opening speech from the King. The event will continue with the duel of the warriors and the main event will be the announcement of the heir to the throne.

After the fight to death of the warriors, the next phase was the announcement of the heir to the throne. Jerah was announced by his father King Mago as the heir to the throne. As part of the customs and traditions, he will be allowed to choose any opponent in a show of valour and strength. This particular duel is not necessarily deadly, it is usually for entertainment and fun. Jerah was about to choose one of the warriors in the arena but he was interrupted by Dogo. Dogo stood up, presented the head of the one-eyed giant to his father and brought out his sword and said to Jerah “Brother, let me do the honours, don’t worry brother, I will go easy on you”. Jerah nodded his head in acknowledgment and smiled at his brother. The fight started between the brothers, they displayed good skills of swordsmanship and entertained the people. Dogo was no match for Jerah because he was younger and had lesser experience than Jerah. Jerah dominated the fight and gave Dogo a beat down, Dogo had surrendered, the crowd cheered for Jerah. Jerah turned his back to Dogo, as he was about to leave the fighting ground. Dogo saw a perfect opportunity and swung his

sword at the robe of Jerah. This singular act caused the robe of Jerah to fall off. To the astonishment of the people, Jerah was stark naked, holding only his sword. The people saw his disability and realized that his manhood had been chopped off.

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