You Are Putting Your Life At Risk When You Sleep With The Lights Switched On At Night

Sophie Sylvia2022/08/09 06:18
You Are Putting Your Life At Risk When You Sleep With The Lights Switched On At Night

Surplus money and a good night’s sleep free from car horns, children’s cries and the nagging of a troublesome wife are the best wishes of a typical human from any part of the world. However, the latter is the central focus of this article, SLEEP. Of course, it pays to have a comfy sleep daily and wake strong and alert, but what exactly is sleep?

In my perspective, Sleep is a natural state of calmness and temporary dormancy of the body’s nerves. This means when we sleep, our body is in a state of rest and that makes us unaware of our environment. This distinguishes a living person from a deceased person.

Sleeping With Lights Turned On

Being afraid of darkness is a normal phase of childhood. As children, we are often reminded by our parents of a horror ghost-like character that lives in the dark whenever we don’t hurriedly go to bed at night. This put fear in our hearts and hilariously, so many grew up with that fear till this present day. Many still sleep with lights from their phone torchlights, television, side lamps or light bulbs. Say Hi, if you’re in that category. Jokes apart, some practice this routine probably because of security reasons best known to them or for their extreme fear of darkness (Nyctophobia).

Dangers of Sleeping with Switched on Lights at Night

Do you know that sleeping with lights switched on doesn’t aid a lovely sleep but exposes you to health risks than you can ever imagine? Have you been putting your beloved health at risk all these while? Below are five health hazards that your body system is prone to witness.

High Blood Pressure

We should know that the brain produces a hormone called melatonin at night. This hormone regulates blood pressure and prevents body organs’ inflammation. Exposure to light while sleeping increases one’s blood pressure. Be aware that high blood pressure leads to heart attack, cardiac malfunctions and stroke even at an early age.


A migraine is a headache that causes chronic pain on one side of the head. Sleeping in an illuminate cause at night with as few as rechargeable torchlights cause psychological stress that leads to migraine, which slowly leads to eye strains and, eventually, blindness.

Issues With Sleep

Have you ever routinely woken up at strange hours in the middle of the night for inexplicable reasons while also feeling exhausted? We refer this to as a sleep disorder (insomnia). The light reflection on their skin, which reduces the quality of their sleep, affects one’s melatonin synthesis.


Females who sleep at night with the lights on gain 11 pounds in weight, according to research. Sleeping under this condition results in an unhealthy excessive weight gain like this.

Let us henceforth take a bold step and gradually desist from sleeping with lights switched on at night. Your safety is all that matters.

Your health comes first. Please don’t just read and pass by. Share your experiences in the comment section. Please like, comment, follow for more articles and share.

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