Kech2022/08/08 23:56

Day after days my heart panics,

Night after night my dreams are filled with night mares cos anxiety has filled me and has been the order of the day in my heart.

I try to calm my nerves down but no avail cos the fear of the unknown has overwhelmed me .

Fear that am gonna die,

Fear that am gonna be hurt,

Fear that am not gonna actualize my dreams cos i wonder how long it gonna take, to be fulfilled.

Cos sometimes,i wonder why it taking so long.

Fear of shout and thought cos i don't wanna go

depressed .

cos even the anxiousness of life ;what to eat,what to wear and how to achieve my dreams has eaten me up and caused me with anxiety.

cos sometimes i ask myself, when all the shit is gonna stop for me to regain myself and have the peace of life.

cos a times ,it seems death to come but a times i don't wanna die cos there is still more life to be spent and more goals to be achieved but thanks to the almighty who has come to my rescue and is helping me actualize my dreams .

He has also assured me that he hasn't given me the spirit of fear but the spirit of boldness and of sound mind.


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