Agbesi Kofi Derrick2022/08/08 10:52

My thoughts are clouded as I lie on this bed. Through the window, the world looks so red

And so is my soul beginning to dread,

About things that could crush dreams

And turn them into worthless streams.

Here, I’m stuck in oblivion, lost in another world,

Reminiscing the demise of a scholar not too old

And I stand in bewilderment as his wit fails.

Thus, leaving him with regrets and a heart that wails.

Sadly, all these blows are rooted in a new revolution,

Where most young and old alike, relinquish seeking solution

And wilfully sucking up to the perversion of social media.

Akin to a whore seducing a loosed and unrestraint man,

Until her sweet words languish even his talisman, And until he can’t reject anything that befalls kings.

Now, he’s like a doused rooster hoping less on its wings.

And that’s the epitome of the new revolution,

And its inexpedient use showers grave retribution.

Here again, I see a million lads who embrace the new culture,

And they’ve been imprisoned but enticed never to flee.

The celebration continues, their heartswallow in arrant glee,

And I could see synthetic rubbers snugly plugged in the ears,

And coloured pants that fall continually from the waist.

And the crazy owners fancy such falls time and again,

While their parents look aghast with so much pain.

Such hearts too treasure songs that came with heat. Their new dreadlocks motion to the racy secular beat.

And bleached bony hands swiftly hitting mini-screens,

Chattering and forwarding funny stuff to their kindred spirits.

And one may misconstrue all this as a serious business.

My spirit dreads more as I look more.

Shocked, I realize a few elders have mentored such ages.

Literally burying our points of prideand rich heritages.

That’s a story from a dreamland but where is the cure?

And with the departed trance, I could taste the reality.

But the son of the strong must endure

All tough days and keep legacies in totality.

And burying such trifles could be done once.

For us to work earnestly and lose no ounce.



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