Kech2022/08/08 01:58

What 's friendship in your perspective?

What do you define as friendship?

Who are your friends?

Are you a nice friend?

Do you choose your friend or you allow your friends to choose you?

These are the questions i live you to answer.

Know these ,that there is a proverb that says , show me your friend and i will show you who you are.

Know that the kind of friend you mingle with will definitely define the kind of person you are.

Are you the kind of friend that destroys people's image and do not want your friend's progress?

Why pretend to be my friend ?,when the only thing you do is come eat,gossip and collect from me and at the same time backbite me.

Dear,Listen and Listen good ,

Friendship isn't by force but by choice.

Act as a true friend not as a fake friend


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