Benefits of falsa

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This article is about to Falsa .It is a shrub or small tree growing to 8 m tall. The leaves are broadly rounded, 5–18 cm long and broad, with a petiole 1–1.5 cm long. ...

Benefits of falsa

In addition to its health benefits, falsa is good for the skin, too. “It rejuvenates the skin and helps tissues fight skin problems like acne or mosquito bites. Antioxidants in it help scavenge free radicals, giving the skin a clean look,” says dermatologist, Dr Deepali Bhardwaj .

Moreover, phalsa is rich in essential nutrients, antioxidants, not only for instantly cooling the body, maintaining electrolyte balance and soothing joint aches, but also for effectively managing seasonal and chronic conditions such as malaria, diabetes, hypertension.

Vitamin C

Falsa contains high levels of potassium, and is rich in Vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus and fibre.

UK researchers have found out that falsa works to increase the amount of fat burned during exercise. This can be attributed to the polyphenols contained in falsa and its anthocyanin content. Consuming falsa or falsa extract can reduce fat, especially abdominal fat, with fat oxidation because of the anthocyanin content.

Natural Cooling Effect

It is best for cooling the heated up body on a hot day or during illness. It is one of the wonderful falsa benefits.

You need to squeeze the juice of phalsa and some amount of jaggery and consume this delicious drink to provide instant relief from the sweltering heat.

These berries are said to have a cooling effect and are used mostly to extract juice but they are also enjoyed as a fruit -- that is if you do not mind the seed that nestles in the center, which is also like a grape seed, hard but edible


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