Is he using you🤔?

Nameless2022/08/07 10:23

The enemy can use anybody. And by enemy I mean the devil. He can use your boss,your friend,even your very loved ones.

Sensitivity to the lord is very important at all times. It is especially important in times you are expecting him to be his busy body self. He knows we'll be expecting him so he goes through people we may not be expecting him to come through and people we're more likely to accept his information from.

I saw through his tactics,he came through so many people I least expected. I didn't expect the opposition and resistance I got from loved ones. Everybody seemed to just be waiting for the worst to happen.

However all thanks to the support I had through it all. If it weren't for that support,I guess I could have given the enemy what he wanted.

So I'm asking today: is the enemy using you?


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