The Westerners

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The story is characterized with revenge, love, passion and ultimately hope. It also embraces long suffering, deceit and despair. It centers on two(2) African princes that seeks the fortunes and love of the king. This gesture made them to embark on an adventure that brought about sorrow, despair, desperation, greed and more secrets that can’t be told and known to any man.

The Westerners

In a far away kingdom located somewhere in west Africa, there is a kingdom called Imuoka. The kingdom amassed large lands due to its large land scape and conquest of other kingdoms. The major occupation of the people is hunting and agriculture. They deal specially on animal skins and cash crops for commercial and private use. The kingdom is also known for her seasonal festival that entails the radical shed of human blood. The youth engage in a duel to death once in a year. This duel is part of their age long tradition for atonement and amusement, the atonement is to appease the ancestors and the amusement is for the entertainment of the king and the people. The kingdom is headed by a sovereign ruler named King Mago. The king is blessed with a wife and two brave sons namely Jerah and Dogo.

The first son is Jerah, he is a peaceful and easygoing individual. He is well respected in the kingdom because of his intelligence. The second son Dogo is over ambitious and also easily prone to anger. Dogo’s character is a direct opposite of his brother Jerah’s character. Despite their differences in character, they loved their father dearly.

It was almost time for the annual festival where the people presents gifts to the sovereign king and also blood of valiant warriors will be shed at the arena, the fighting ground. The two princes, Jerah and Dogo went hunting together with the aim of capturing or killing any rare wild animals to present as gifts to their father on the day of the festival. Jerah, the elder brother is more handsome, skilled in swordsmanship and hunting than Dogo.

They hunted for a whole day, but could not find any game. Luck was not on their side on this day, they went home frustrated. They tried their luck again on the next day, but they could not catch any animal. They went back home frustrated again. On the third day, Dogo was unwilling to follow his brother for hunting, but due to much persuasion from Jerah, he reluctantly followed him.

In the forest, while they were setting their traps for the animals and also getting ready for ambush. A wild thought flashed through the mind of Dogo, he stopped abruptly and stood up. Jerah recognized that he is uneasy and distressed, he asked Dogo what the matter was? Jerah asked him “What is troubling you”

Dogo smiled and replied “I think I just found out the perfect gift for father at the festival”

Jerah stopped laying the traps and he stood up, placed his right hand on his brother’s shoulder and said “My brother, don’t bother yourself, today will not be like yesterday. We will catch rare animals today, I promise you”

Dogo moved away from his brother and replied “I am not talking about animals, I am talking about presenting a gift that is far greater than animals”. Jerah laughed softly and answered him “Which gift is more greater than animals?”

Dogo replied with apt seriousness in his eyes “The head of the one-eyed giant”. Jerah was furious, and walked up to him. “Take that silly idea off your head, how is that even possible? You are no match for the One-eyed giant”.

Dogo replied calmly “I already have a plan in place and I am very sure that it will work” Jerah left him and returned back to setting up of the traps for animals saying “Just leave me out of your plans and I hope that you come back to your senses soon.” Dogo have made up his mind and there is no going back on his plans. Later in the day, Jerah singlehandedly hunted down a wild animal, they both left the forest and went back home.

The next day, Dogo went out early to the woods to set out his plans to capture the one-eyed giant. The forest have been known to be the path to the dwelling place of the one-eyed giant, nobody tread that path because of the fear of the one-eyed giant. The young prince Dogo started setting up traps to capture the giant. When he was through with the trap, he waited patiently for the one-eyed giant. Not quite long, the one-eyed giant is strolling back home, carrying a big log of wood on his shoulder. For some unknown reasons, he treaded carefully and averted the traps of Dogo. He went home unhurt unknown to him that traps have been set for him. Dogo was disappointed but he never gave up on his plans, he decided to follow the one-eyed giant to his dwelling place not minding the consequences. He followed the giant carefully.

“To be continued”


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