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The skin is the largest organ of the body. The skin and its derivatives (hair, nails, sweat and oil glands) make up the integumentary system. One of the main functions of the skin is protection. It protects the body from external factors such as bacteria, chemicals, and temperature. As the body’s largest organ, skin protects against germs, regulates body temperature and enables touch (tactile) sensations. As we all know that the skin protect the body, we should also know we should maintain it


Our lives are built on habits. From our morning coffee or tea to the side of the bed we sleep on, our routines shape our days and our bodies. While the term “habit” often has a negative connotation, we can also create habits that are beneficial to our health and the health of our skin. From exercise and diet to product choices, here are ten habits that can help you maintain flawless, beautiful and unblemished skin.

1. Drink water again and again

What else can be the easiest way to maintain your skin condition than drinking enough water? Without plenty of water quenching your thirst, you would get hydrated. If you seldom drink water, then the condition could be worse regarding what is happening to your skin tone.

When you don’t drink enough water, the moisture from your skin is often sucked into your body, in order to fulfil other functional duties. As a result, your skin dries out, and is left with small spots and tiny contorts.

2. Exfoliate your skin

You wouldn’t bother to throw out the dead cells layering on the surface of your skin. They act like a barrier that prevents vital products like vitamins and lotions from moving past the surface. This ultimately slows down the road to skin enhancement.

There are various methods that can be carried out to wipe out dark spots, like using an enzyme or other acid based cleanser. Before applying any lotion, make sure to exfoliating your skin.

3. Eat a healthy diet

The selection of food items you eat definitely makes an impact on your skin’s appearance. Consuming fruits and vegetables on a regular basis can bring change to your usual semblance. Avoid tobacco. They have got some detrimental effects on the body as well as skin. Many ask about the benefits of increasing your fruit and vegetable intake in order to see skin improvement, and the answer lies in the fact that aside from being full of nutrients and antioxidants, these items are full of water! Which is, as mentioned, very vital.

4. Proper sleep

Adequate sleep not only enhances your mental and physical condition, but also impacts your usual appearance. Tiny wrinkles will start arising under your eyes with your erratic sleeping practices. Normally, adults need 8 hours of sleep while a recent study among a group of teens revealed the need of around 8-10 hours of proper sleep. Try to get some good sleep if you haven’t. Surely, you would find certain changes in your normal appearance.

5. Poor selection of skin lotions and products

Apply lotion to your skin based on its condition and complexion. Bad makeup and lotions can hamper your skin, giving a number of dark spots and bumps. You should choose the lotion while considering what sort of ingredients it possesses.

6. Refrain from dairy products

Researchers have shown that some of the milk components associated with testosterone hormones would stimulate oil glands; a catalyst leading to a detrimental effect on your skin. The effect can range from some small invisible dots to some visible acne like cysts.

If you have a voracious appetite when it comes to dairy products, it would be a difficult job for you to completely abstain from it. Try cutting out your dairy intake for a period of time—a month or two—to notice some change in your skin.

Some research have also shown that replacing cow products with goat and sheep would be a better choice.

7. Apply products in order

Hence, if you are dealing with two problems in your skin, like sun spots and wrinkles, applying lotion for only one problem would be a bad decision. The solution is to apply one lotion that protects skin from the sun in the morning, and the other one at night. Unfortunately, applying both at the same time doesn’t leave much of an impact.

8. Make your own skin pastes

By properly gathering your kitchen ingredients, you can come up with your own beauty products that are more natural with negligible side effects. It can save you a lot of money.

The kitchen ingredients—olive oil, coconut oil, lemon, sugar, cucumber—can be used with ease by anyone. Coconut oil acts as a moisturizer when you apply to your skin. Cucumber, can be used to clean your skin before applying a specific paste to your complexion.

9. Wash your face

Wash your face, at least once, in the morning and before you go to sleep. You can use a facial cleanser of your choice to clean your skin surface. Cleansers helps you to remove some dark spots that could have arisen from sun burn or exposure to polluted surroundings. Although most people feel lazy about cleansing their skin before going to bed, it has significant effects on your skin tone.

10. Use A Moisturizer

Using a moisturizer every day is important for every skin type, whether it is dry, oily, mature, or acne prone. Proper moisturizing helps prevent dry, flaky skin and keeps skin cells performing at their best, preventing fine lines and wrinkles from forming. Our Citrine Complete Botanical Treatment is a combination moisturizer and serum that hydrates and nourishes skin. Intensive Eye Repair, with black cumin seed oil, can be used on any wrinkles and lines on your face that need a little extra care.


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