Kech2022/08/04 18:54

Hey,Mr man what do you gain from hurting your fellow human?

what do you gain seeing her.

in pain and agony?

what do you gain seeing that your

fellow human is miserable?

why do you act like you are the Almighty ,

To husbands,why do you choose to treat her as rag remember she has a voice,Remember she is your soulmate,she is t he bone of your bone and the flesh of your flesh ,so why lay your filthy hands on her ,why treat her as a slave ,think,think,think,

Is it because she act stupidly to you by humbling herself,

dear husband fix sense into you.Do not take her stupidity for granted.

To the wife,why treat your husband as trash,when you know and you know that you are suppose to adore him as a king.why provoke him to anger to hit you,why treat him like your maid cos he loss his job and you are the bread winner of the home and you think you can oppress him and talk to him with your foul languages,remember no condition is permanent ,He doesn't have today doesn't mean there no gonna be a change of story.

To the masters ,be considerate,

yeah, i understand the fact that you are the boss,but be careful,

be careful .Do not allow wickedness and bitterness to envelope your heart,yeah she is your maid doesn't mean you should Flog her like an animal

and keep her be in agony and depression,treat her as your own.

cos you don't know If she is gonna be

your messiah .

let stop the domestic violence


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