Kech2022/08/03 17:48

The heart of man is sensational.

The heart of man is emotional, it is


The heart of man is cruel.

The heart of man is either fragile or desperately wicked.

It signifies the nature of human cos man's attitude and characteristics is as a result of his heart.

Every step he takes is from the thought he thinks, cos as a man thinks so he is.

The condition of his heart is as a gives birth to what he vomits out of his mouth and exhibits. Should the heart be in a good condition, he pours or rather portrays a generous characteristics, should the heart be evil, he portrays or pours out a wicked characteristics.

One thing is, it takes determination to choose the condition of the heart you want, cos a times choosing the right part could seems very delicate and difficult but you have to try. Yeah, indeed you have to, cos the wrong condition of the heart will only drain you and make you worthless, cos you have to remember that there is always a day of reckoning.


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