Surya472022/08/03 01:40

Pretending becomes norm of this world. In office you pretend being polite when your boss scold you, in front of friends you pretend that you enjoy doing your job, in front of your children you pretend that you are the knower of all things and mould them in your personality....

In human society every one pretends hiding their own selfishness to reach their own goal.

But look at nature, it never pretend when flower blooms. It never hides either when that same flower dies in to the earth showing its ugliness. It is strange that only the human mind judge what is beauty and ugly, what is good and bad also what is harmful and what is not. I never seen an animal being disgusted from something. They are as simple as that and they are engrossed in what ever they are doing. But we humans judge and love according to what comfort us.

We people have so much in wrong, than how nature conduct itself for which we suffer. When we know the nature well we would not find negativity ever in it, only conversion of energy from low to high and vice versa, an endless cycle full of miracles....

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