Thebeezybee2022/08/02 12:24

This is a piece that encourages self love.


I may not be moving at your pace,

But I keep moving to a better phase,

I may not be your idea of beautiful,

But here lies life's art making life meaningful.

I may not be the tallest on earth,

But I keep reaching out to greater heights,

I may not have that sparkling dentition,

But my smiles comes deep from the heart.

I may not have all the money in the world,

But I am content reaching out as much as I can,

I may not be on the cover of the best magazines,

But the services of 'Thank you' and 'God bless you' gives me content.

I may not be on top of the world,

But I am definitely not where I use to be,

I may not be the best that you want me to be,

But I am the best that God has made me to be.

I may not have all the arsenals to fight back,

But with love my battles are won,

I may not be the best footballer,

But I strive hard to achieve my goals.

I may not be the best chef,

But my recipes to life show that life is good,

I may not have the 'worlds best',

But I have the rest that gives me rest.

I face my fears with faith

I fall but I rise up

I fail but I don't quit

I am not you

But I am me

And if in case you still don't know

I am different.


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