3 Solid Reasons Why You Must Sun-Dry Your Underwears

Sophie Sylvia2022/07/30 06:42
3 Solid Reasons Why You Must Sun-Dry Your Underwears

Do you realize that spreading your underwear under a sari, a skirt, outerwear, or in a confined space like a restroom exposes humans to more dangers than you can imagine? Though many people would justify themselves by claiming privacy, it is more harmful than being bitten by a mosquito. Here are three compelling reasons to dry your underwear in the sun.

1. Bacterial Growth Elimination

Keep in mind that the anus and vagina are delicate physical parts that create a direct pathway into the body's interior organs. As a result, leaving your undergarments out in the bathroom invites bacteria to grow on them. Sun-drying your underwear kills all diseases, including germs that breed on your underwear.

2. Sterilization 

The sun possesses massive infrared and ultra-violet rays which sterilize your undies, saving one from contamination of disease-causing organisms that will break down the body system in the long run.

3. Moisture Free

Spreading your undies in the bathroom leaves a sensation of moisture. Itching, pubic rashes, yeast infections and UTI (Urinary Tract Infections) are the consequence of wearing moist underwear. Sun-drying them after washing keeps them spick, span and moisture-free.

Discussing underwear or reproductive health may seem degrading in some cultures. After reading this essay, I want you to understand that enlightenment is the key to unlocking the path.

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