A Friendship Like No Other; A Birthday Like None Other

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A birthday wish from Lexicon to his best friend. Taken from Birthday Wishes of The Songs of Lexicon

A Friendship Like No Other; A Birthday Like None Other

From Childhood till now

You have been the bestest of my friends

We could play together

From dawn till dusk

At school and after school

We walked together

You understood my words

Maybe better than myself

We've always had something to talk about

Whenever we met

We talked about life

We talked about our hopes

And our imaginations

We would stand talking for hours

About everything that comes to mind

And I've enjoyed every time I've had with you

As the clock kept ticking

We kept growing

Yet we never grew apart

You have been blessed with a new year

One to add to your age count

A new chapter in your life

That I wish would be filled with blessings

A chapter filled with all that your heart desires

Irofo, I wish you all the best in life

I wish that the memories you make today

Will be the best of your memories till now

Good luck and prosperity

Do I wish for you for the rest of your life

Age with grace

With good health

As you bask in the love

Of your children and grandchildren

With you

I've had a friendship like no other

As such

I wish you a birthday like none ever

Happy Birthday Emma

Birthday Wishes
Songs of Lexicon

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