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Dear Dad is a message of a son to his late dad

Dear Dad

Dear Dad

the air suffocates me
every decade I wait before the sepulchre
awaiting whispers of forgiveness from the dead;
the reminisce of my flaws
excavates my darkest hour.

What a fool I was
to have pierced you dead in thoughts
and yet morn before your lifeless body.

Your belly aided my slumber,
yet I whipped you with thefts;
Your dance replenished my smiles,
yet I plunged to you hatred.

Now my heart shivers,
the wrongs I wronged
came knocking as nightmare.
Karma caught me in silence
and gravity brought back fears

Dear Dad
I wished the dead rise again
that miracle might claim the cause.
I wish the past get past
that the present might breathe free.
The meteorite on my chest
keeps preaching my flaws.
I pray you pardon my ignorance
that my nights may sleep burdened free

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