It is love

Lonely soul2022/07/25 15:02

Words to express what is love in your heart

It is love

It is love

When it is meek

When it cares

When it soothes

all the throbbing to peace

It is love

When it is kind

When it is gentle

When it coos

you softly into the bossom of peace

It is love

When it is humble

When it is pure

When it bears no ill

to your broken soul

It is love

When you can lean

Shut worries outside for a while

Calmly lower the raised voices, to be back in each other arms.

Bare bossoms blooming affections

Rare and sweet

It is love

When it heals

When it looks beyond that broken vessel and helps place the pieces of the heart together

It is love

When it never abandons

When it forgives

When the world becomes too heavy, they do not run

It is love

When the twillight sets

and your heart feels rest assured, your beloved awaits

And finally

You know it is love

When you let go of your beloved to be happy

At the expense of your smile

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