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I often wonder about what I see whether it is love or fear;

People say they love but don't dare

To publicly assume their commitment to love without fear;

They often think they would be at a disadvantage in dare.


When it’s love there should be total conviction from heart

That you are right and there is no reason to fear

But follow with certainty what is already in the heart.

Stick to what we choose without trembling in fear.


Because love is fearless! Firm even where there is secret!

Not afraid of what the world might say about our choice

Love is persevering even where there is a secret!


But on the other hand, fear is motivated by uncertainty.

The uncertainty as to whether this will work or not,

The worry about choice that chases away certainty.


Love is suffering! treasure to carry!

By loving we support what we choose to love,

So if we choose to love, why fear to marry?

Marriage must be the crown of our love!


Marriage should be the public demonstration of love

The manifestation of the heart's desire fulfilled,

Confirmation of what was decided;

A message for those who intended us before, that I now have love!


Fear of marriage is a sign that we distrust! Sign that we still don't love;

It's a sign that we haven't decided yet, really love

Or we love not in the context that the other thinks about love;

Because there are different types of love!


The love shown by parents to children is a type,

The love shown between brothers of the same religion is another type,

The way we love the creator is another typology of love,

The way the couple love each other is also another kind of love.


So, if we love, we don't distrust excessively

To the point of denying marriage.

We don't kiss and promise fidelity deceptively!


Love casts out fear! With him we won this battle!

Love makes us triumph in social problems by keeping us focused.

Love makes us continue even a little.

Bernabe Mulimba


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