Sonnet 7: will you still love me?

Kuvonakala2022/07/24 02:12

Sonnet 7: will you still love me?

When this beauty fades will you still love me?

This was her words questioning my intentions.

I dwell in my mind before I manifest my Revelations,

being analytical and honest not to be crème. 

My answer is the truth it do not decay with time

for I don't want to be a subject of prosecution,

and only truth will be my protection.

Here is my answer for "will you still love me?"


The subject of my love is the subject of your conduct.

I love the peace that has bonded into your presence.

I outgrown physical attraction into loving entire product.

I cherish your internal so that external be with tolerance.

If your beauty’s fades without internal deduct,

I will still love you proudly without hindrance

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