beware of these mistakes, Wrinkles have reduced the beauty of the face

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With increasing age, many skin related problems start. As we age, our skin starts changing. Many people become victims of this in increasing age. At the same time, there are different reasons for the appearance of wrinkles at a young age. Wrinkles at a young age also occur due to excessive stress, smoking, pollution and UV rays of the sun, lack of vitamin D in the body, excessive cosmetic use. Therefore, do not make these mistakes even by forgetting to protect the face from wrinkles.

beware of these mistakes, Wrinkles have reduced the beauty of the face

UV rays of the sun
UV light is also one of the main causes of wrinkles. Any ultraviolet from the sun, including any tanning beds, is harmful to the skin. Frequent tanning on the skin, scorching of the skin, etc. causes wrinkles. They are the main contributor to wrinkles at a young age. There is also a risk of skin cancer from UV-RAYS.

Smoking is very harmful for your skin. It also causes premature aging. Especially the increased lines around the face which are called smoker lines. The main reason for this is smoking. Let us tell you that cigarette smoke can make even younger people old by breaking down the elastin of the skin. Smoking restricts the blood flow to our skin. Due to which it is difficult for the skin cells to stay healthy.

Take these steps to avoid
Some measures are very important to avoid UV rays from smoking and sun. To protect yourself from the sun, use a consistent spectrum sunscreen lotion. Wear clothes that properly protect your skin from the sun's rays. If you want to avoid wrinkles or do not want to get old prematurely, then quitting smoking would be a better option.

facial expressions
The movement of the face also has a great effect on wrinkles. Wrinkles occur due to contraction in the face due to movement. Due to the constant movement of the face, wrinkles start coming at this place. Let us tell you that when you apply eyeliner on the eyes. Then your forehead starts shrinking. Doing this continuously also creates a line on the skin.

wrong sleeping position
Sleeping position also has a great effect on wrinkles. If you sleep on your side or stomach, then your skin gets lined due to staying in the same position every night. Staying in the same position does not cause internal changes in the texture of your skin. But due to external pressure, creases or wrinkles appear on the face.

Take these steps to avoid
This remedy will prove to be effective to avoid wrinkles. Never sleep in the same position. Try to keep changing your position while sleeping at night. If you sleep in the same position continuously, then the pressure on the face causes creases or wrinkles. Also try to use silk pillowcases while sleeping. By which your face can be saved from rubbing. With all these measures, you can save yourself from getting premature wrinkles.

Apart from this, eat healthy food, drink plenty of water, do yoga regularly and try to be less stressed. By doing all this, you can also save yourself from wrinkles.

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