Silent Prayers

Lina Maj2022/07/22 16:57

When is it called rape??... Is it when he forcefully penetrates against my will??..when he threatens me with a knife?.. or when he drags me into the woods and has his wicked way with me??... Tell me cos I'm so lost. Do I scream for help or do I just let him take what he wants?... If I scream and people come, will they understand the fact that I started it but didn't want it?.... No!! I'll be quiet. I'll lie here with my legs at odd angles, my skirt torn as my friend, now turned tormentor, forcefully takes what he wants.

My only sign of pain and discomfort are the streams that betray me by flowing through the barricade of my shut eyelids and the silent prayer that refuses to leave my lips. It's going to be alright, all you have to do is close your eyes Lina.... it's just a really bad dream but no it's actually a strong body above mine greedily tainting me for days, months, years or even my entire life.

Do I become stronger or do I hide in a shell?... What becomes of the girl who started it all with no intentions of taking it further? Lina!! Was she raped? Who knows? Only our judge, the society, can tell.

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